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364 Munster Ave, Etobicoke ON M8Z 3C7
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    I would not hesit...

    I would not hesitate recommending Anta Plumbing. I’m a student working part time and I really didn’t want to have to pay weekend rates for a plumber, but I really needed my toilet to work again. I called to ask how much it would be and got hold of Edi, who told me a trick to try first and said I should call him back after trying it. I did and it actually worked!!! He didn’t charge me a dime, but he secured my business and plenty referrals for sure.

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    Réponse d'entreprise 29 janvier 2015

    Thank you, Evansj! We do really some tricks to make toilet works, it helps a lot of people. We believe that some small plumbing issues can be fixed with no plumber on a site, and you can handle this matter even if you very young or very old. We will not recommend you to fix bursted water lines, it is a danger to your property and for another consumers but blocked toilet and clogged accidently kitchen sink. Plunger will work just fine with couple tricks like plastic bag pushed and hold the air in the second sink, etc. Anta Team with all respect to you as a student! You are our future and we will be happy to assist to survive those hard years of education


    Plumbing issues w...

    Plumbing issues were piling up at my house so I called Anta Plumbing this morning. The lady in dispatch said they could send a team sometime between 2 to 5, which was not bad bearing in mind I called them mid-morning. Richard and Rulin are clearly highly knowledgeable professionals and work cleanly. What a fantastic experience! They fixed a number of plumbing issues first time on time because they had all the parts and tools in the truck. I will definitely use them again!

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    Réponse d'entreprise 29 janvier 2015

    Thank you Perryb for your feedback on our performance. We have Rulin as a plumber many-many years, and Richard is our new gold star! Very positive plumber, very friendly and patient. This days it is impossible to find nice package as professionalism-customer service skills-great team member. We have to go through so many different plumbers and keep only the best to save our reputation and quality of work. We had 5 nice feedbacks on Richard on his first month working with us. This is the best result ever! He is very punctual and all his parts, tools in order in his track. It is a pleasure to send those plumbers to meet you and be proud of our performance. Thank you for been our customer and wish you and you family all the best (Family day is close by:), Anta Team


    I would highly re...

    I would highly recommend Anta Plumbing! They booked me for their 10-12 window this morning, and called at 10:30, to ask if the technician could come about 10 minutes later because he was delayed at another job. I appreciated that, because so many companies have made me wait in the past. They are so professional and polite.

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    Réponse d'entreprise 29 janvier 2015

    Thank you-thank you-thank you! You will not believe how hard we work to show up on time, we install GPS on a tracks, we calculate approximately work time, sometimes plumber gets additional work to do and we here in a office have re-configure all schedule build in advance to fix the time frame and keep everybody happy. Really appreciate your "thank you". Most of the time we are IN, and we are very sorry we cannot make it! To be sharp is our goal and we are very happy to hear your feedback on this matter. Anta Team and office dispatcher with best wishes to you and your family!


    My plumber from C...

    My plumber from California suggested I call Anta Plumbing. I needed emergency plumbing for a blocked sink and he came right away, fixed it in no time and was so professional. I just bought this house in downtown Toronto, and look forward to hiring Anta Plumbing for a big renovation project.

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    Réponse d'entreprise 21 octobre 2014

    Thank you! We have a lot of customer’s referrals, but this is the first time I hear that somebody in US already heard about our company, it makes me proud for everything we've done. We appreciate any feedback - bad or good! It is very important to fix mistakes as well as to be treated well for amazing presentation. To operate professionaly these days is extremely hard, all people are very frustrated at work, and to please customers is getting harder and harder. Every small details is very important, our office staff are trained to be professional and educated as our plumbers. We even take colleges to upgrade our skills to serve better and more professional, every second plumber is taking extra classes to learn new technology on an evening, girls in a office take colleges at night. I think we are getting great results if you as a customer receive proper workmanship and great customer service. With best wishes to you and your family Anta Team


    Best Plumbing Service Around!

    On time arrival, great communication skills, efficient work and quality replacement products at a reasonable price, I highly recommended using Anta Plumbing.

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    Réponse d'entreprise 24 septembre 2014

    Thank you Adrian for your feedback, it is very pleasant to hear back time to time some feedback. Office workers call to customers to find the opinion to fix the mistakes if we did, or put positive review to plumbers profiles to keep them full on positive ions + (chemistry is always n our life :) . It makes our inside work more customer's oriented. We are really honest plumbers, who work hard form morning to mornings to assist any kind of businesses and people. Hard to be on time with huge traffic in a downtown area or at 5-6 pm appointments, still getting angry calls that plumber is getting late. Feel very bad, that is why we book people with very unique and tide schedule either early morning or very late nights. To work with customers is very pleasant work especially if you know that plumber who is send to the address is professional, licensed and you will not feel embarrassed for the quality of work. Thank you for been our customer ! Anta Plumbing with care


    Anta Plumbing wil...

    Anta Plumbing will definitely get my business again in future, if needed. I recommend them to all my neighbors and colleagues who need quality workmanship and professional plumbing services. They did an Amazing job with my drain 10/10.

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    Réponse d'entreprise 14 juillet 2014

    Thank you for the time and your recommendations, this is the best award we can have - to be seriously good, professional and customer service oriented. Sometimes days are turn upside down and we need to meet different conditions underground the only to be on top of situation is to concentrate at the problem and find the way to fix everything we see wrong, sometimes we see unrelated problems and we do fix them as well just because it has to be done to prevent damages to the property, we believe this is the only the way to provide service to consumers is right. Anta Plumbers are tough guys with a lot of experience and a lot of kindness in their hearts, we have right plumbers for right people! With best regards, Anta Team

    Josh P

    Very nice

    Had a great time indeed

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    Réponse d'entreprise 20 juin 2014

    Thank you Josh, it is unique respond to us, we though customer have very tough days when we work with jack hammers and jumping jacks to get to the pipes underground. Very happy to see appreciation from you as a customer, and thank you for your time to share your opinion with another consumers. We love what we do, and we hope we make customers happy on the end of the day! Anta Plumbing with care!


    great team work

    I met a professional respond from the first time on my call to Anta. And later, the same day, when a plumber came to my house to fix drain problem in master bathroom, he was fully equipped to make the job in a proper way and fast. I would like to add that a price was reasonable and room was cleaned up. I'll recommend Anta service to my friends!

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    Réponse d'entreprise 24 avril 2014

    Thank you to share your experience with Anta Plumber. We always ask a lot of questions over the phone to understand better customer's needs, concerns. Sometimes we even are able to help right at the same minute to client like to find main shut off valve in the house, or plunge a toilet. Our operators keep updates on plumbing code and parameters to combined heating system. We really trust in professionalism. The only what we are missing is feedback, most of our clients send us "thank you e-mails" and even post cards, yee-yee, post cards by Canada Post with THANK you to our technicians for their hard work and qualifications.Thanks to every customer who found the second to write such a great couple words, it keeps us moving forward with better attitude and morning energy even when it's rainy day... With best regards, Anta team of great plumbers!


    Plumbing Job

    Anta plumbing is a great team to deal with. Last week we had a really bad situation in our basement. Something smelled bad, so we decided to call 311 to get assistance. They recommended to call a plumber. We had a couple of companies to choose from. We decided to call Anta Plumbing and their dispatch was very knowledgable so we chose to ask them to come and check the source of the smell. The plumber arrived the same day, in just an hour, checked the sewer pipes and found out that the floor drain was not working anymore. The floor drain had no water in it so the smell was coming from the main sewer pipe. The plumber told us our options, we choose to have another opinion, the second company sent a salesman instead of plumber and we were not able to get a proper estimate. Our sewer pipe was replaced the very next day by Andrew and Igor. They left the basement spotless. My wife really appreciated that more than the job-:) Thank you guys. -John

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    Réponse d'entreprise 2 décembre 2013

    Hi John, Thank you for your time and such a nice feedback on us. These days it is very pleasant to find customers who help build reputation by making their opinion available for other consumers. Most of the customers are happy with services and keep our business cards and recommend by word of mouth to each other. We believe quality makes a big difference. We work with most difficult part of the plumbing, underground installation and repair, very muddy, full of surprises days and nights. Very much appreciate every minute customers spending on writing reviews to make our days brighter and sweeter! Thank you and wish you and your family all the best in upcoming 2014, Anta Team

    Réponse d'entreprise 19 novembre 2013

    Thank you John for taking your time and sharing your experience with Anta Plumbers. First thing to check when you have sewer smell is to see if any of your p-traps (under the kitchen countertops as an example) for leakage. P-trap keep water in it, which prevent sewer gas from getting to the house. Very important to check this periodicly as preventive maintenance to get sewer bacterias to the house. Those bacterias is hard to kill, you will need to get professional assistance as an example restoration companies who will kill bacterias with DRY ice for example. Check your floor drain time to time, it MUST be water in it. Simple and free for home owners: - sewer smell - check p-traps Anta Plumbers are happy to assist you 24/7.


    Free Quote Gone Wrong

    In early November I had an issue regarding the heat in my house. After having another company come and say they couldnt do anything i contacted Anta Plumbing due to their website advertises free quotes and estimates. Anta's technician arrived the next day and looked at the issue. Approximately 10 minutes later, he did not touch anything or even turn a knob the technician said the only thing he could do is remove the mixing valve but did not recommend it. He then proceeded to charge $180 plus tax. Even though they have 'free' estimates/quotes he had to charge because it was 'research'. I placed repeated calls to the office to get a better explanation about what 'research' he did but simply received that he must have done something. The receptionist stated they will contact the technician to get a better explanation. Approximately a week later they return my call and state that the charge is valid as the technician is advising them he did 'research' but they could not explain what. Definitely will be using this at my job. "Sorry boss, I know it looks like i am sitting here doing nothing, but in fact, i am doing research". Will definitely not be using this company or recommending them again. I still have not received an answer as to what the difference between 'research' and estimate is.

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    Réponse d'entreprise 18 novembre 2013

    Thank you for your opinion, We really appreciate any opinion – bad and good, to keep good workmanship and keep customer satisfied. I hope that you will have option to meet more plumbers and invite professionals to your house for investigation and advices. We are all getting experience, you as a customer, and we as a service technicians. We will keep working with our plumbers to make your experience better, explain better details on a service procedure. Thank you for this review and we will keep working on our quality of service to make every customer happy and satisfied. With best regards, Anta Team


    Super Response

    We had some issues with our pipes and they did a great job helping us out. I really appreciated their quick response time.

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    Réponse d'entreprise 18 novembre 2013

    Thank you Rick, for your time to write the review. We are a team of plumbers, who are professionals and at the same time we are consumers too for another service company. We try to avoid mistakes, and bring only positive attitude and professionalism to the site. Everyday is a challenge to have 50-60 people to meet and make every call perfect. We appreciate all the opinions, it helps us to make changes and correct the way of client services. We wish to have clients as you, who appreciate our time as well as we yours, who takes the extra hour to share this experience with other clients, and homeowners. We wish all the best in the new upcoming year to your and your family members. Anta Team



    Answers phone professionally, offered free advice, friendly.

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