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When you cross the threshold of Loot Lady Toys, you feel like you’ve stepped into fairyland. Its shelves are bursting with wonders arranged by the age and gender of the intended recipient: purple princess mirrors, glittery makeup and candy necklaces for girls, and hockey mini-sticks, Lego trains and invisible ink for boys.

Carol Ledden-Cusson, funky tortoiseshell glasses perched on her head and nails painted fluorescent blue, is the Loot Lady presiding over the treasure trove.   Today’s most popular loot bags feature Pokemon, Disney princesses and Star Wars.   More bizarre choices include blue-only treats, all duck loots and whoopee cushions.

Carol’s knowledge of child development helps harried parents select age-appropriate prizes. And she can hustle, stocking up birthday loot bags in less than an hour’s time. Carol is in touch with her own inner child, and understands how important loot bags are to children. “Loot bags are like a little treasure box—they’re magic,” she says.

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