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    thank you marina animal hospital

    I have been going to Marina Vet since Dr.Ghazi returned from Newyork. I have a dog with a skin condition that other Vet i used to go could not diagnose . He just took a few samples and looked up under microscope and told me what was wrong with mu puppy. It saved me lots of time and money since other vet wanted to run many tests. Very straightforward and reasonable vet. Thank you a gain. Ashley S.

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    Reasonable Prices, Attentive Doc

    Friendly staff!! Dr.Ghazi gives my cat and poodle their annual check-ups and vaccinations, and every time I'm there he takes the time to discuss their health and diet issues with me in detail... He was just very patient and answered my millions of questions :) The whole appointment only took about half an hour, and the vaccinations were cheap compared to my old vet! I didn't understand the other review on this site, it seems like they reviewed a vet they've never actually been to. And the last time I was there was on a Saturday (I had to wait for vaccines because a dog that was hit by a car was brought in) but I got service no problem! Overall, the clinic was clean, the staff was friendly and I will definitely continur to bring my pets here!!

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    Shelly D

    Terrible service/money grab.

    I have tried 5 times now to get my cats in to see this vet and they will not make an appointment for me because they don't see new animals on Saturday. I work Mon-Fri into the evening so Saturday is the only day I can bring my cats in. If your pet is in need of emergency medical attention and you can only bring it in on a Saturday and they have not seen your animal before, they will not make an appointment for you. You have to make an appointment for the vet to 'meet' your animal - when it's healthy (what is the point?) - not on a Saturday, in order for you to bring it in on a Saturday in the future. This is inconvenient and just a way to make more money off an unnecessary appointment. And, most importantly, it makes me think this vet only cares about money if he will not see an ill or injured animal. Horrible. About a month ago my cat was viciously attacked by another cat and when I called this vet to try to get an appointment, it was the same story: Not on a Saturday. And to be 'helpful' they gave me the number of an emergency clinic halfway across town. I don't have a car so instead of being able to walk 10 mins to this vet, I had to pay $30 for a cab ride to my old vet where I used to live.

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