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    We bought a pump as a gift for our sons reef tank. Come to find out, he didnt need this pump. We tried to return it back to the store and was told they have a 20% restocking fee, and the rest we could have back in cash (since we paid with debit) but unfortunately, the merchants machine didnt have a refund option and he didnt have enough cash in his drawer. We;d have to come back. When i called, because the receipt does not state his return policy, nor does their website i was told "look lady, i dont have time for people like you who just buy stuff and then want to return it because they dont like it. We have NO return policy and im doing you a favor..so too bad for you". I didnt let him finish he was so ignorant I hung up rather than being yelled at by a store person. DONT BUY ANYTHING here. We try and avoid the box stores, support the small merchants, but this business owner must not want to remain in business very long. I will keep the pump and sell it for $5 bucks before i will EVER go in this store again.

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