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  • Service: 3/5
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Jason J

Terrible experience

Terrible experience from the staff on the service side of Elite BMW especially from the service manager Jason that has poor customer service. Unorganised staff, I've been dealing with Elite BMW way before their new building and I am really thinking of not going there again it started with my first bad experience with Jason Service manager a month ago when they returned my car to me with two clear coat scratches on my driver door when I asked to talk to a manager no answer from him

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great location, friendly non pushy staff

good reputation , Staff friendly and gave me a lot of time to select. Great experience. When I picked up my new(used) car , it looked great, very good experience

Service: 5/5
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Mike B

No salesmen??

Stopped by last week while hunting for a pre-owned BMW. Spent 10-15 minutes looking around at the selection, but no salesmen or customer service people approached me at all during this time. I was even looking around for someone to assist me but I saw no-one the whole time. Finally got frustrated and left.

Service: 1/5
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Réponse du marchand 3 août 2011

I am very sorry to here of your experience at Elite. It is not or policy to disregard clients and there is no excuse why this should have happened. Thanks for the feedback.

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