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    Jaciblu C

    Best little boutique hotel hidden in hamilton!!

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    My husband and I ...

    My husband and I had our wedding ceromony and reception here and we would definetely NOT recommend. The staff was unclear and not organized. They told us a fantasy about how our wedding will be and look like. We received NONE of that. They did not have anyone greeting guest at the door, our guests were wondering around the lobby asking people from another wedding where to go. My husband tried to find someone to talk to because the set up was ALL wrong and there was no one but a cook to be found. Once I arrived they told us to start walking out..with no music??!! They told us they have been doing this for years and they know exactly what they are doing well then if you know so much then who walked out with NO music?? Then they blamed it on us after stating that was our responsibility but there was no mention to us about that. When I walked out the doors to come down the aisle there was Nothing but chairs set up.. There was suppose to be all these decorations set up that they showed us a picture of but there was nothing. We spent. Lot of money to have A beautiful ceremony and we had nothing but plain ugly pictures of nothing. Then after they told us it was our fault and that apparently we had sat down and discussed that we didn't want an arch and flowers and music and no carpet. But this had never happened. Overall this has been taken care very poorly. After paying $900 for an outdoor ceremony that only consisted of chairs it was very disaapointing. Especially considering we had the rooftop in our package!!! So we paid an extra 900$ for them to set up 57 chair. Wow. I'm shocked because they say they are the best service and if you are not satisfied they will work with you to resolve the matter and all they have done is blame everything on us and tell us we will not be compensated for our ruined wedding. So. Overall I hope in the future someone reads this and goes elsewhere so they can experience a beautiful picture perfect wedding. Because you won't get it here!!

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