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    Nathan S

    Brought my dog Indy the twice now. The people are friendly, the prices are great, and the quality is awesome. Most importantly for me, my dog doesn't get scared when I leave him there (which he usually does when going to the groomers), and seemingly enjoys his visits. Highly recommended.

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    Nila O

    Great groomer.The...

    Great groomer.The dog always looks great and Debbie is really good with her especially as she often becomes anxious.Have always found her facilities clean, welcoming and animal friendly. Prices are great I've been coming here over 3 years and wouldn't think of going elsewhere. Highly recommend !!!

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    Donna L

    Don't call Anyone Else!!!!

    I lost my first pet I took to Debbie and now have another one. I couldn't wait to get back and see her again and I couldn't wait for her to meet my new pet. She didn't disappoint. Thank you Debbie for loving my dogs!!!

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    Réponse du marchand 31 août 2015

    Thanks Donna, it was wonderful to see you again and to know that another special friend will b on the receiving end of all that love you have to give. I look forward to many happy years with both you and Maggie!!!

    Denise L

    Animals were allo...

    Animals were allowed to run loose without supervision which allowed a dog to escape the house and run down the street. As Debbie picked up a dog with leash attached she stepped on leash, choking the dog and then tripped and dropped the dog and almost landed on it. This was all happening on my first visit. I brought my cat in because her ears were bothering her and the girl who was helping said ears were cleaned and they looked fine. Took cat to Vet. and she had filthy ears and ear mites.

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    Réponse du marchand 20 août 2015

    This statement is a little false. True, we do not cage but in the same respect, we don't expect a client to leave both doors and the gate open for dogs to run out. I did step on the leash and rather than fall on the dog, I let it go and the dog dropped about 1.5 feet. The dog's owner was there and I apologized profusely. The dog was fine. This client was told by me that the ears needed attention. It had nothing to do with the young lady who assists here. If this cat owner had such a terrible first impression, why did she ask if I would take her cat again?? I told her no because the cat's behaviour is beyond my level of expertise and I even went the extra mile and referred her to a groomer I knew was competent and would help. I don't mind criticism. It makes me a better groomer . But at least..be honest.

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