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    2nd worst nail sa...

    2nd worst nail salon experience of my life. This place is very dirty and they reuse tools without proper sanitation. They cheap out on basic salon necessities like toe spreaders, and UV lamps. I got a pedicure and UV gel manicure from this place. The pedicure was standard but the UV gel manicure was not the greatest. From far away you can say my manicure looks great but up close you can definitely see some flaws. The manicure process started as normal but when it came to cut off the excess plastic nail, she used scissors instead of the tool meant for the job. Lazy and ghetto. There was no UV lamp to process the gel in. She just let it air dry. I've only experienced this at Pacific Mall where you know they're cheap and will cut corners with everything. When it came to grinding the gel to a smooth finish, she did a good job with that...minus the fact that she cut my thumb and pinky fingers while doing so. IT HURT SO MUCH! After painting my nails, she proceeded to clean up her mistakes with acetone. Which she of course put on my open wounds she gave me minutes ago. In total it cost $60. Standard compared to other salons but for the service I should've paid $40. Please go somewhere else to get your nails done.

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    Worst salon I've ...

    Worst salon I've ever been to. On top of being dirty they are slow and make you wait 45 minutes once the water is cold to start your pedicure. I wouldn't suggest anyone to ever come here I don't know how their even still open

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