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    It is average for a timmies in Hamilton

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    Robert L

    Best Tim Hortons ...

    Best Tim Hortons in Hamilton, have been going here for 20 years. So great.

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    Jennifer K


    Worst.timmies.ever. We happened to stop in on our way through town. Im not one to write any type of review.... However... I was so annoyed with our visit here i figured maybe someone would read this. Waited in line for at least 15 minutes to order, There was 12+people in the line up with only one girl working the counter. She spent more time chatting with the staff then attending to the large line up of people. Another employee, obviously done her shift was hanging behind the counter yelling at someone on her cell phone. Very unprofessional. No toilet paper in either bathrooms. The counters were missing glass partitions, the floors were disgusting, the counters looked like they had never been cleaned. ... The entire place just looked and felt "ragged". Im thankful im not from town... Ill go back to using my clean and efficient tim hortons.

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