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    kahlie s

    Worst service company ever.

    I have never dealt with a company that is so inconsiderate. They scheduled an appointment to fix our oven under warranty - they broke the part when it came in. They gave me 30 minutes notice they weren't showing up. Took a day off work and I can't afford to not work for another day - they told me too bad and the service technician refuses to work Saturday - even though he was the one who physically broke the replacement part. The girl literally said "too bad" to us.

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    Our 6 year old Fridge stopped working (freezer compartment worked fine), so we called Just Service. After about 30 min, Technician told us, that is was junk and needed $1400 worth of repair work, and we might as well get a new one. We called another services company who looked for 2 minutes and told us that the fan was not blowing, and that the main control unit was faulty. They replaced it and all is now working fine. Asked JS for money back, they refused. Paid $85 for total incompetence.

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    Kenna W

    I own a Samsung D...

    I own a Samsung DW80 waterwall dishwasher, I have owned it for appx 6 mths. Well the belt that carries the water wall back and forth broke, I called several service co's and nobody works on Samsung Hmmmm, finally I was referred to Just Service, the serviceman came out LOL prepared with a belt for a dryer thinking we were crazy cause dishwashers don't have belts, Surprise!! dishwasher has a belt, he immediately called from our house (his Phone)and ordered a belt from samsung,he worked diligently

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    Amazing Service Experience

    I called into Just Service and explained my problem with my dryer, The very nice woman who answered the phone give me some tips to try. I was very thankful and told her I would call back if the tips did not work. I tried the tips the next day and unfortunately they did not solve the problem. I called around 1pm that day and the woman sent a technician to home the very next day!! The man came in and within 15 minutes he had determined the problem and was giving me a very thorough explanation of what was wrong. I needed a very inexpensive part that he had in his truck!! He installed it and the unit has never worked so well. I am very greatful for the tech's assistance and more so to the secretary who tried to save me money by providing all the tips she could think of. GREAT WORK!!

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