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    Great store.

    I love this store. They have a great selection, terrific prices and helpful staff.

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    The door revolves with unsatisfied customers

    I was highly unimpressed and will not be returning. Take their website for store and seasonal information only. The website displays three fashionable outfits and asks that consignors bring things purchased in the past two years. The store is for drab, outdated 50 + women. In all fairness I met a women in her 30’s who said they had nice items so perhaps it was just their current selection that is drab and outdated. My real issue came when bringing in goods for consignment. The website asks that items be brought in on hangers or there will be wire hangers provided for you to do so. I was told they were out of wire hangers so to bring my goods home, hang them up on my hangers, bring them back to the store then they would be taken off my hangers and transferred to their hangers and my hangers would be given back. There were tons of empty plastic hangers on rungs I would have gladly hung my items upon. I brought my items all the way back home. Needless to say I won’t be taking apart my closet to get hangers for these goods to drive them all the way back there for her just to hang them up on her hangers. Ridiculous! Completely unpractical and inefficient. They should value their consignors or they will have nothing to sell. I wouldn’t even give this place one star if I had the option.

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    A Convneient, Clean, Resale Shop

    I have both purchased and placed goods at this store , and I have found the turnover is great. The owner won't mince words, so be proud of what you take for submission, she won't waste anyone's time with items that are sub-par. Great computer tracking system for submissions and a fair pricing strategy. Treasures to find, and style-essentials in-season.

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