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2360 Princess St, Kingston ON K7M 3G4
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Venez savourer un excellent repas chez Travelodge Hotel. Au menu poissons et fruits de mer, dans une gamme de prix allant de 11$ à 25$. Le secteur voisin est renommé pour ses nombreux parcs.

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  • Fruits de mer,
  • Poisson,

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  • Service d'étage,

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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
  • Atmosphère: 5/5
  • Nourriture: 5/5
  • Service: 5/5
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Cindy I

I called the hotel for a rate and the woman that answered my call was rather rude and hung up on me.

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Something is wrong with the people who gave this place a poor review. Go and taste for yourself! Atmosphere can be a little crowded and noisy, but depends on what time you go. Dinner is very quiet, while breakfast is louder. Busy restaurant = great food! It feels just like home when eating here, very friendly and service is A+. Server Kelly is especially excellent.

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Still on track and very enjoyable

Have ordered takeout a few times in the past month and it's still excellent. Chicken parm was cheesy and decadent, ample side of spaghetti with marinara. Large chef salad is huge with grilled chicken, enough for two meals. I like the shredded toppings (including parsnip?) Red wine vinaigrette is a favourite, should be sold in bottles if possible. I don't generally tip on takeout but the ladies here do a great job, very friendly service, always feel welcomed and glad to give repeat business to them.

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Back on track - thank goodness!

This review is for take-out only (twice in the last month). Our extended family, friends and ourselves had been regulars here for both take-out and sit-down service over the last five years but last year the food quality went way down and we all stopped going completely. Recently we heard things were back on track so we've returned and we're glad we did. Service here has always been top notch, which is credit to at least three of the servers I recognize who have been there for many years and have apparently stuck with the place even when they had to serve food that was not up to snuff. So the good news is that they must have done something in the kitchen to sort things out. Everything is back to the high quality we had come to expect here. We often have the garden salad with grilled chicken and either balsamic vinaigrette or red wine vinaigrette (both very tasty). Salads are very fresh and large portions. Chicken is nicely seasoned and well cooked. The bruschetta here is one of my favourites anywhere in the city - nice topping of crumbled feta over a generous helping of chopped tomato that is perfectly garlicky and oniony without being overpowering. The bread is baked just right for a bit of chew without hurting your jaw (though the cooks have to be careful not to burn it). Most importantly, the Cavelier's bruschetta has a slight tangy taste (balsamic vinegar maybe?) that is totally addictive and not done anywhere else, to my knowledge. Balances out the sweetness of the tomatoes perfectly! The chicken parmagiana with spaghetti and marinara sauce is another favourite - cheesy, meaty, saucy goodness that tastes like a favourite aunt made it at home. We love the Cavelier for take out - just call the hotel's main number, ask for the kitchen, place your order and it's ready in 10-20 mins depending on what you ask for. They package it very well to keep hot things hot and cold things cold and have these neat cardboard containers for salad that seem to be biodegradeable and should be used by all takeouts! The staff are very attentive to the takeout orders, which make this place one of the few at which I will consider tipping for takeout. Keep up the high standards for which you are known and we will keep coming back!

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history in the making

my grand-pa has been going here for ever, and i finally tagged along for once. Now i know why its gran-pa and everyone lese i guess like it so much. The room was very nice, service was good, but the food was delicious. No fancy frills, just good ol fashion cookery. best french onion soup going

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Jon  M

great place

The food was great it is the best place for all ages the people here is friendly you could not find any where like this place any where els

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 5/5
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