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    True Reptile Experts

    I personally have been going to Global Exotic for years and have found it to be a very unique and wonderful experience. The owner of the shop, Rob, has not only made a name for himself in the business, but other business depend on him for their animals and supplies. He is extremely knowledgeable in not only the reptiles themselves, but the proper care of the reptiles. He takes great pride and care in his work, and he works 24/7. I have spent time working in his shop and have seen first hand how the animals are taken care of and the standards of the store. Rob is a very genuine person and is very fair and honest to his customers, many of whom are loyal and recurring. Rob will even take in reptiles people can't keep anymore, if he has the room. And when someone has a sick reptile, Rob will lend whatever aid he can. I have even seen him personally travel to customers. This store is a very down to earth and modest, but at the same time, a reputable and knowledgeable location. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to purchase from a true reptile expert, something that's a very rare find in the pet selling business.

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    Glad I found it...again :)

    Great place for reptile enthusiasts. Great prices, great deals, healthy feeders (crickets/worms) last way longer than big name retail places. Questions answered, suggestions made. Healthy interesting selection of geckos/chameleons/snakes to choose from a tidy clean store.

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