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1450 Block Line Rd, Kitchener ON N2C 0A5
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Matt S

So i was in there picking up a pizzathe other day. I was waiting for my pizza and happened to look down because i saw something move. Cockroach. Crawling along where the floor meets the counter. So i pointed it out to the pizza cashier guy. He suggested a customer must have brought the roach in. Like it matters.

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Jessi-Marie A

Absolutely poor in all

The worst l pizza ever! Especially this place on block line.please pay 5+ dollars for a slices of pizza that have been siting out probably since they opened, and lets not be truthful about it or offer to make fresh one instead argue with with customer saying it hasn't been out that long! And to boot they don't even reheat it either! Watched the guys in front of me just get their slices to go and the guy doesn't even heat them up! You pay cheap you get cheap! No Thanks!

Atmosphère: 1/5
Nourriture: 1/5
Service: 1/5
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Mari S

We wanted to orde...

We wanted to order 2 extra large pizzas. On one of them, we wanted different items on each half. They insisted that would have to count as 6 toppings. I explained that we would be getting no more food than if we were getting the same 3 toppings on the whole pizza. But they were adamant and rude about it. Now, they have lost our business. We ordered somewhere else. No other pizza place has a problem with an order like this. Ridiculous.

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Vicki D

Worst experience ...

Worst experience ever on Saturday night! My phone appears as a private caller. They explained that they would need my number, address and order and that they would call back to verify due to this issue. I placed my order at 1:22AM. They called back at 1:32. As I did not hear the phone, I called back at 1:34. We went through my address and order once more. I was quoted 40 minutes. 2:35AM they had not arrived. We called and they would only rush the order and give 1 lb free wings. Never again!!!!!!

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Best pizza in Kit...

Best pizza in Kitchener. The dough is made fresh daily with fresh ingredients. Even when eaten for breakfast the next morning - Wings taste so amazing with honey garlic . cheaper than other pizzas, worth every penny.

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Shailender Y

one great place t...

one great place to have pizza with superb taste, quality and customer service

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Bone in pizza

Found bone in pizza, when I called to let them know they hung up on me. Even their corporate office was unsuccessful at getting them to contact me. Avoid this place !

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Very Bad Telephone Service

I was calling in regards to the pricing of a medium pepperoni pizza, he told me to hold on, I did. However I was on the phone for a while listening to them chatting in the background, after wards they hung up the phone on me. Very disappointed!!

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