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    Lets work labour force is a great placement agency. I live in the mississauga brampton area, they always have work for me when ever I call into the office. I met some guy who drives the company vehicle before my first shift, he went over the job duties before I went in for my first shift and answered all my questions. it has been a few years since I have been employed with them, they seem to be very helpful when it comes to finding work. My family and I just want to say thanks

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    I been working with this agency since 2009. They always helped me find work in around the GTA area. Ive met Tony the guy with the Van, he seems like a nice professional guy . They even offer a shuttle service to help out with transportation and they always pay me on time, and return back my calls. Im very happy with lets work labour force, I refer friends and family to this agency, from office positions to general labour they got me covered. thanks for everything guys!

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    Sandeep D

    Great Agency

    This is a great agency. They were able to find me a job within a week ave been working there for about a year. They go above and beyond to make sure that I receive my weekly cheques, even when I am at home sick. All the girls at the office are always friendly and always ensuring that my issues get resolved. I worked with a lot of agencies and this is the first one that actually matched me to a job I really enjoy. I would definitely recommend them if you are currently looking for employment.

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    Do yourself a favour and never associate yourself with this company. It is the sketchiest, unprofessional agency ever! First of all, it's always the same girl that picks up the phone each and every time you call them. When I ask her to transfer me to someone else because she never knows what she's talking about, she always says that there is no one else in the office or no one else is available and she puts me on hold for what seems like hours. Secondly, the amount of people that do not get paid on time is RIDICULOUS. They pride themselves in "weekly" payments but honestly they are so disorganized, good luck if you get paid on time. Third and most importantly, WHERE ON EARTH ARE THEY LOCATED? I dare anyone to call them and say that you want to come in for an interview....they always have an excuse like "we don't accept walk-ins" or "we are currently under renovation". The only time they set up an interview is at McDonald's or Tim Hortons....like seriously? Does anyone else find that odd???? Monday-Friday around 10am, you can always find the "Let's Work" van (just a regular Jeep, license plate 'letswrk') parked in front of McDonald's on Mountainash in Brampton. Which reminds me, why do they keep showing up on line in Brampton when they always claim that they are located in Vaughan? Yellow pages has them listed under Brampton and so does every other website. Even their phone number appears as a Brampton number.... Plus, they always hold their "fast-food" interviews IN BRAMPTON! If all of this didn't convince you to stay the heck away from this company, then I don't know what will. Oh ya, maybe the fact that they're racist...

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