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57 York St, London ON N6A 1A6
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Petacular est une nourriture pour animaux et l'approvisionnement magasin appartenant indépendamment à London, Ontario . Petacular se spécialise dans la nourriture pour animaux domestiques , produits pour animaux de qualité et de toilettage professionnel. Visitez au 57 , rue Ridout & York ou en ligne à www.petacular.com . plus...

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Produits et services

  • Toilettage d'animaux,
  • Nourriture pour animaux de compagnie,
  • Cages , Habitats & buffets,
  • Produits de soins dentaires,
  • Contrôle Nettoyage & Odeur,
  • Jouets,
    • Treats,
    • Produits de soins de santé naturels,
    • Aides effraction,
    • Caisses, Kennels & Stylos,
    • Colliers , harnais et Leads,
    • Puces & Insectes Treatmen,
    • Portes et Volets,
    • Scratchers Cat,
    • Petit Hay animal , Herbe,
    • Fournitures pour animaux,
    • Chien de bain,
    • Chat toilettage,
    • Toilettage de chiens,
    • Vêtement pour chiens,
  • plus...
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Marques disponibles

  • Fromm,
  • Aller! Naturel,
  • Fruitables Pet Food Supplements,
  • Pulsar grains gratuit,
  • Les régimes alimentaires premières,
  • Horizon,
    • Merrick,
    • Wellness CORE,
    • Canidae,
    • Tripett vert Tripes,
    • Pretty Bird Daily Sélectionnez,
    • Oxbow petits produits d'origine animale,
    • Durée de vie,
    • Variété de la nature,
    • Animaux Kind,
    • Almo Nature,
    • Sunseed,
    • Héritage,
    • Carlyle,
    • Suprême,
    • Achevée,
    • Instinct,
    • Snappy Tom,
    • Arm & Hammer,
    • Odeur buster,
    • Citi Kitty,
    • Earthbath,
    • Marques canadiennes pour la qualité,
    • Canine Plus Lifetime,
  • plus...
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  • Toilettage pour chiens et chats,
  • Chien et chats,
  • Nourriture d'oiseaux et l'habitat,
  • Ferret , Hamster , gerbilles , Chinchilla,
  • Guinée Pig , lapin, le rat et de l'Alimentation de la souris,
  • Petit de la santé animale , de la Formation et des produits de l'habitat,
    • Toilettage pour animaux,
    • Fournitures pour animaux,
    • Animalerie,
    • Nourriture pour animaux,
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Langues parlées

  • Anglais,
  • Français,

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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    I have been going there for a couple of years now...Kaitlyn the groomer is loving and AMAZING!!!the counter staff is nice and helpful..pleasure going to that store!

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    Best Groomers in London

    My cat loves Petacular and getting groomed there! I know you are thinking weird cat but I tried everywhere before finding them. Most places don't do cats and the ones I tried didn't go over well. I was stunned to find my cat purring when I picked her up from Petacular. The Groomer said she was great and well behaved. What? My cat? Whatever it is they have the Mojo!

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    Groomers at Petacular

    Great Groomers! My shy 9 year old rescue dog really connected with the groomers during her first groom. Her coat is so clean and trimmed to look so great as she does have some challenges with her coat. Thanks always for a great job!

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    $3.00 Nail Special - Wednesday & Sunday

    They have a great special on nails every Wednesday and Sunday. Its only $3.00 for all four paws and you don't need an appointment. I take my dog and my cat there and the groomers are great!

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    Top Notch Service

    Not only are the groomers fantastic but so is the store. Everytime I come in they are so helpful whether it be grooming advice or food advice the petacular staff know what they are talking about.

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    what a great experience!

    I LOVE, LOVE that Petacular Groomers are one on one with my animals. I have a cat and a dog that I bring there and I can not say enough about how well they treat my animals. I would highly recommend this grooming salon to anyone. No Stress, No sitting in a cage for 5 hours. It is all very personal.

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    Excellent Groomers!

    Petacular has two Groomers and they are both fabulous. Very professional and they really know their stuff! That works for me as it doesn't matter which day I book and my days off change all the time. They do grooming 7 days per week.

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    No gromming experience, very bad customer service!

    I just wanted to take a moment and let anyone that is looking into getting their dog for grooming to this place be aware, unfortunately my dog didn't let the groomer do any grooming on him I understand he was nipping but the groomer had no idea how to handle him and I was charged the full amount for just his bath when I asked an explanation she said that it was the shampoo, got very upset and hung up, he didn't get any of the nails, ears or nothing done but still I was charged full amount I would give this place zero stars for customer service!!‎

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