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  • Nourriture: 2/5
  • Service: 1/5
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I wish I would have read the reviews on this business before I ordered . Unfortunately there isn't an option for no stars , trust me 1 star is over rating . First off we waited over an hour for delivery , the food was cold and disgusting . The Joe Louis that came with our meal were expired by 7 mths . Unfortunately we ate a couple before we checked the date . We were offered a new box of Joe Louis and wings , we will never eat their food again . Please learn from my mistake , do not order from h

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I will never order here again ! I ordered 2 panzerotti's and when my order got here there was a panzerotti and a pizza, I called and they told me What would you like me to do? I asked for what I ordered and they told me I could have a panzerotti but it will take an hour for it to get here and they would trade me for the pizza.When I asked what they were going to do with the pizza she told me they are going to sell it at the store. I am very disgusted!

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Kristina B

No manners. No apologies = I won't be back

Every item on my order was done wrong and they didn't even seem to care. The man on the phone argued every point with me and never offered any refunds or redo's. These ppl are terrible. First I asked for BBQ sauce instead of pizza sauce. They didn't do that and they missed an entire topping I asked for. Second I asked that my chicken bites were well done. Guess what? Pink. Yep they were pink. Thirdly I asked them to put bacon on my ceaser salad. Oh weird. They didn't put bacon on my salad.

Nourriture: 2/5
Service: 1/5
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Colin L

Worst service

The people who run this place are awful. They are rude and slow. When they loose your order they dont offer apologies or discounts. They send you on your way without as much as a thank you. We will never order from here again and strongly urge others not to waste time. They are VERY slow with orders. They will hang up on you if you call, or yell at you when you go in to inquire on the status of your order.

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Horrible customer service!

Absolutely HORRIBLE service! Ordered pizza and was told 45 minutes. An hour and a half later I called to see what was going on, they said the driver was outside my building. Half an hour later I called again and was told the driver was almost there. When the pizza finally arrived, it was ice cold and the manager refused to discount the price. I sent the driver away, pizza in hand.

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2.5 hours for pizza from Piero's Pizza

The service here is horrible. I ordered the Family Meal Deal at 5pm on a Friday night. The Meal Deal comes with 2 large pizzas (3 toppings each), 12 chicken wings, a loaf of cheesy bread, a medium Caesar salad, and a McCain Cake. When the girl said the order would take an hour until delivery, I understood, it is a Friday night, they are probably busy, that’s fine. Finally, at 7:25, dinner shows up. I will admit that the pizza was good, but not worth the 2 and a half hour delivery time, and sadly the only decent part of the whole meal. I ordered the chicken wings as honey garlic. When I got them, they were Barbeque and came with a side of honey garlic dipping sauce. Now I don’t know if you have been anywhere else for wings Piero's but when you order wings with a particular flavor, at most establishments they come that way, not as another flavor with yours on the side. Also if you're going to bother offering celery sticks, don't insult me by delivering them in plastic wrap. The cheesy loaf was the thickest mass of tasteless pizza dough covered in lack-luster cheese that I have ever had the misfortune of consuming. My dealings with this company was nothing but a never-ending evening of disappointments. I assure you I will never order pizza from this establishment again and will tell every person that I come across from now until eternity how gut-wrenchingly terrible their service and food quality is.

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