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    Real great service

    First I had my car hitch installed and they did a great and quick job on short notice. I drove in before the long weekend and needed something done instantly. They bend over backwards to get the parts I needed and did all of that within a short time. Got me in and out real easy and were priced well. Then I had my car under sprayed and will be going back there each time. They told me what I needed to know about the undercoat as it is something I am not used to dealing with. It does drip and you have to be careful but other guys may not have told you that. It does that for only like a day and then hardens. Its kind of cool. So after that experience I recommended them to my friend and she had the same experience. So I am recommending them to you too. Good luck.

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    Horrible Service

    I took my van in to get a wiring harness and trailer hitch. My van was returned to me with a fried PCM and a pintle hook installed upside down. cost me close to $1,000 to repair damage that was done and Cobra refused to pay.

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    Réponse du marchand 12 avril 2012

    Spoke to Scott and told him if evidence suggested we caused damage to his vehicle we would review the matter. Facts as we know them are; - This is a 2001 Ram van for which we charged additioal labour due to excessive rust. - Scott commented to an installer that he had experienced a starting issue in the past. - A Google search revealed 'a cold solder' problem in this vehicle's BCM. - The evidence against Cobra was a comment by a Chrysler tech who said this was an unheard of problem, yet we found evidence of a problem on line. - The Chrysler tech says the BCM was shorted out. Assuming our work could have caused a short, then we should have blown a fuse not the BCM. We don't like coincidences. However we have multiple examples of Dealers stating our product caaused a problem only to be proven wrong later. Scott was not interested in having us talk to the Chrysler technician.


    very clean and professional

    i got my 2008 lexus 350 tinted at cobra and the job come out amazing ,kudos Cobra.

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