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40 Courtney Park Dr E, Mississauga ON L5T 2Y3
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Terrible experience. Waited a long time to be greeted. Had to remind server about our order. Food was cold. Nothing was done to rectify the situation or comp any of the food. Conveniently waited until we had already paid to do anything about it (an offer of 20% on the next visit which will never ever happen).

Atmosphère: 2/5
Nourriture: 3/5
Service: 1/5
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I was sitting there with a friend, waiting for my other friends to arrive when a bug (appeared to be a cockroach) dropped right onto our table from either the light or the celing. Thank God we didn’t order our food yet. We got the attention of the waitress and informed her that we would not be dining here anymore. She was very apologetic. The manager however, not a single word from her. The waitress brought the bug to her and she screeched in disgust..

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Alexa P

First time eating...

First time eating at this restaurant very disappointed. Unpleasant greating by service guess with no smile. Same with the waitress that took my order, the person who brought my food forgot the plate I ask for my daughter and most of all I found a threat lint on my hashpotato. Told the waitress, she said I should have mention to get a discount??? Like I want a discount, food is nasty oily everything and egg is dry, pancake takes awful,like as if it was old you cant even cut it. Will not go back.

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Denny's Restaurants?The WORST PLACE EVER!

We got into Denny’s Courtneypark DR East of Missauga Ontario.It took about seven minutes to get us seated. We sat down at a very long table because a lot of my family came for brunch. Interior and exterior of the place looks really old like the 1980’s.Chairs look very worn out.The tables have food under them and are not cleaned properly.The pancakes that my sister was eating were white and a lady was eating fried chicken 9:30 AM.My meal was some macaroni and cheese ,some grapes and some orange juice that didn’t taste pure.The food was very greasy. The waiters were really nice and friendly when they greeted us.They seated us at the table and went back to the kitchen for about 10 minutes to go bring the coffee.Very pricy (Eg:3.50 for a coke). My meal was about $20.00!Good thing I wasn’t paying! In all, I thought this restaurant wasn’t very good at all and I don’t recommend it for romantic times.I recommend it to people who have a lot of time to get breakfast. And I still will not ever come to this restaurant again.

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Kid friendly. Good food.

First visit to Denny's on a Sunday morning, although the grandchildren are regulars with their parents. Place was about half full at 10:30 in th morning. Lots of staff. We were seated quickly. Pleasant & efficient server (Camilla). Took our coffee order & returned within a couple of minutes. If you're not a regular takes some time to go through the extensive menu plus they had a special "Hobbit menu" which we passed on. The seniors turned to the senior section and everybody found an accomodating dish. I ordered the senior omlette which came with toast & hashbrowns. All the food arrived quickly, hot & to order, i.e. I ordered unbuttered brown toast. Camilla came by several times to ask to refill our coffee cups. All in all a very pleasant experience & I would return.

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Good Food! Not Too Bad Service...

We decided to visit Denny's for a brunch on a Sunday morning. It was definitely busy. Servers were running around and the kitchen was yelling out orders that you could hear from the front door. We were seated within two minutes which was good. We ordered our drinks which came promptly, free refills on hot chocolate was definitely a bonus! We then ordered our meals. They came within ten minutes which I would say is pretty quick considering how busy it was. The pancake puppies were delicious! They had a side of cream cheese and syrup, oh boy, what a treat! The hammy sandwich was good, but I didn't like the hash browns, they looked like they were shredded, they tasted awful. The grand slam came with tons of food; two slices of toast, eggs, pancakes, and yet again, the shredded hash browns. Too bad they didn''t have the regular hash browns, I would have enjoyed my meal better if they did. Our server was okay, she was busy and wasn't too attentive. I would definitely visit this location again.

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Food is consistently good, but place needs to be...

Food is consistently good, but place needs to be cleaned more often ;) Denny's offers consistent quality and taste no matter where I went - States or here. I was happy with taste every time I ordered smth there. Not exactly healthy food choices but sometimes I just craves those old style breakfasts ! Fairly good value. Place does need more clean up though, being open 24 hrs it probably gets its share of weirdos eating at night and all. Service is adequate given the price range and targeted clientele. Overall recommend.

Atmosphère: 3/5
Nourriture: 4/5
Service: 3/5
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