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    I along with a few of my buds have been going here for years and have always been attended to with great service and knowledgeable staff. there will always be people who will have a bad experience wherever you go unfortunately those are the people that write reviews which i think is unfair. I decided to write a review to pay homage to this shops desire to help every customer that comes in no matter what they want. Much respect, Iffy is the man!

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    The name says it ...

    The name says it all, "iffy" - stay away. Horrible service, wait around forever and - they'll mess your paint up. Had custom cans (Honda paint code) mixed for a bike tank project, went with clear recommended by the shop. Back 2 weeks later for another couple of cans, handed them the previous can, nothing matches. Same guy mixed both times, guess he forgot to put flake just about at all in the first can then dumped the whole bottle in the next. FYI - looks just like the 5 star rating guy ....The clear recommended? Touched it with wax/grease remover - ate the finish in 3 wipes. Yes, they offered to replace the black cans free....I would never trust anything to these guys again regardless. Find somewhere else and don't say you weren't warned.

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