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  • Droit de l'immigration,
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  • Alcool au volant,
  • Voie de fait,
  • Fraude,

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  • Anglais,
  • Panjabi,
  • Ourdou,
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210-1325 Eglinton Ave E, Mississauga ON L4W 4L9
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    Sweta Tejpal is an excellent immigration lawyer. Professional, patient, honest and knowledgeable. We had a difficult immigration case. She made it easier for us to understand the process and possible outcomes. She handled our files efficiently and professionally. I will recommend Sweta to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer, especially for people who have no chance for a mistake. For people who want to have done right from the beginning.

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    The Law Office of Kalina & Tejpal is simply one of the best. They are both very honest. Mr. Kalina has worked hard on any case i have and simply delivered the best result for me. He never gave me any false hopes and he was ready to answer any questions and concerns i had about my cases. I really recommend him.

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    Sweta Tejpal is the most talented and experienced lawyer. She guarantees good results. Very dedicated to her clients and her work.

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    Mursalabdo Maow

    Mrs sweta is one of the people that i will be thankfull for all my life and will be never forgotten for her hard work on my case and how fast she managed to get me out of my long lasting case very thankful and shes hands down the best in Ontario in my eyes ..

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    My family hired Ms Tejpal as my lawyer, It was a lengthy time before the matter got to trial, in between the time of my release from custody to the time of the trial Ms Tejpal was with me every step of the way, always available, very accommodating. She is a great lawyer and not in it just for the money. It is evident that Ms Tejpal loves what she does and that is what gives her the passion she has for her job. If you hire her, trust her.

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    gurinder p

    The words cannot express our admiration for Tejpal and everything that she has done for me & our family. Tejpal is a brilliat, greatest immigration lawyer and beautiful person. Gurinder

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    Inder S

    Worst experience of my life. I hired John to fight my drug trafficking case, which he had me thinking was being dealt with properly. After paying him close to 20 thousand dollars he shows up to my preliminary unprepared. His exact words were " sweta tejpal was preparing for this but due to a family emergency she couldn't make it and I had to prepare last minute". Well the preliminary went horrible and after paying him 10 thousand dollars just for preliminary and him coming unprepared.Moneyhungry

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    Réponse d'entreprise 29 septembre 2017

    Unfortunately, we have no dealings with this person. We take great pride in serving people in need because we understand the criminal justice system can be a place which causes great anxiety. We take our time with preparing for each stage of a case, no matter how small or big the case might be. Each person has the right to be treated with care, respect and dignity. We have no idea who this person is, and we wish you well.

    Harry J

    This firm was excellent to deal with. I was in major trouble. They continually communicated with me and treated me with respect. They listened and got me through a very tough time in my life.

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    Amandeep P

    I have seeked legal help from Ms. Tejpal. I have met many lawyers but Sweta is by far one of the most sincere and helpful professionals in this field. She is very approachable and as a client, one must feel very comfortable in disclosing information. She is very honest in her advice. She is very patient. When seeking help from Ms. Tejpal, I was not worried, she did everything possible to deliver the best to her client. If you need legal advice, this team is the place to go to.

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    The Tejpal and Kalina Team is extremely competent and professional. I am very pleased and relieved. A spectacular job done!

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    Great Team - Highly Recommended

    I would like to thank the Tejpal and Kalina team. After going through several lawyers who really had no idea on how to handle the Section 44 report, I found Mr. Kalina and Ms. Tejpal. They both took the time to understand my situation and explain all the options available to me. This made me feel comfortable as the thought of deportation really made me nervous. The nice part about the firm is because they do Criminal and Immigration they bring a dual perspective to the table. I got great results

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    Ms. Tejpal is a g...

    Ms. Tejpal is a great Lawyer. She's caring, professional, honest and knowledgeable. She leaves no stone unturned and I felt confident and comfortable working with her. I would highly recommend Ms. Tejpal. Mr. Kalina has a strong business sense and his no-nonsense approach to the Law benefits his clients. Tejpal and Kalina are a great team!

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    Ms. Tejpal was re...

    Ms. Tejpal was really patient, co-operative, willing to take updates from the person she was helping in her duty and foremost she really stood up for what was established in our discussions. For first time she made me feel that having a lawyer it is helpful making your case. I really thank her for sparking me hope in trusting my case to her. It was really good experience working with her. I wish her all the success in her future endeavours

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