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4250 Sherwoodtowne Blvd, Mississauga ON L4Z 2G6
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Évaluations et commentaires - NewLife Fertility Centre

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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    Sneha R

    The issue related to infertility created lots of physical and emotional imbalance for the patient. When my wife was facing the infertility issues we used all the possible ways to enhance our fertility growth but didn’t succeed on it. Then we hopefully decided to visit for consultation with the well knows Dr. Samuel Soliman, a specialist in Gynecology from New Life fertility Health Centre. He recommended us the best possible treatment for our health issues.

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    Soniya M

    Having a child is the greatest motherhood experience for a women and the by the treatment offered by Dr. Carol Anania made me dream to come true efficiently. She was Gynecologist specialist and deal with our infertility issues closely and made my family complete with twins baby. We receive the best fertility modern solutions that are recommended by the doctor and it worked well for us. All the treatments are well included with personal touch and modern approach to deal with the diagnosis patient

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    Arbind R

    The New Life Fertility Centre has the most amazing supportive team for us during my fertility treatments. After 3 years of undiagnosed infertility treatments made me more depressed, so in order to get an effective treatment and solution when we visited New Life Fertility Centre we got the best treatments with full emotional support. They doctor and entire teams become close to us like 2nd family and understand my issues and serve accordingly.

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    Radhika T

    We met with one of the expert doctors Dr. Samuel Soliman and he performed 3 IUIs on me but all went in vein. After that, they suggested me to go for IVF and it succeeded. Despite being skeptical about the whole procedure, trusted the doctors and kept my faith until I got the good news that, ‘I am Pregnant.’ I am thankful to the doctors here who helped me through every of my tough time and helped to become a mother again. Currently, I am a mother of twins and both of my kids are healthy.

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    Sid J

    Dr. Soliman is extremely good, polite and knowledgeable. What an amazing experience from the all staff of New Life Fertility Clinic. A Few months back one of my friends had their little boy & WOW what a great progress in the service from all the staff. I cannot blunder them 1 little bit they have been so supportive and caring the entire time and always there for you making sure the whole thing ok and if you need something.

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    Rehina K

    On our first visit to the New Life Fertility Clinic, we consulted Dr. Samuel Soliman who is the specialist in the IVF process. He considered our curiosity and tension with related to the biological and artificial process and advised us to not so feel tensed and stay relaxed while we take care of your bringing new born baby. We were so thankful to our Doctor and the team of New Fertility Clinic who have been so supportive all through the process.

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    Maya S

    My life changed the day I came to know about the Newlife Fertility Centre. My wife and I never encountered any sexual problem. However, after trying for more than a couple of years, we were still unable to conceive. We visited a number of doctors and even after several tests undergone by both of us, the reason for our infertility could not be explained. We had lost hope and my wife started slipping into depression. This is when an acquaintance told me about the Newlife Fertility Clinic in Canada

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    ryan t

    The Newlife Fertility Centre staff truly makes this clinic tops. From the doctors & nurses to the front desk, everyone was an expert, friendly, and helpful. You will see many doctors besides your own if your schedule isn't extremely flexible. But every doctor I saw seemed consistently competent and tolerant. My doctor, Dr. Soliman, was incredibly realistic and honest about my probability of conceiving at post 40. So, I am thankful to the Newlife Fertility Centre team and the doctor.

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    rubina n

    The Newlife Fertility Centre is the most excellent option for the women who are struggling to get pregnant. I am one of them. I believe in Dr. Soliman lucky hand. I am blessed with the baby after several years of struggle for getting pregnant.

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    alecia b

    The staffs in the hospital take good care of me through my entire treatment time and the experienced experts and doctors like Dr. Samuel Soliman, Dr. Salim Daya provided various types of treatment methods and explained all the pros and cons that were helpful to me.

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    Delfina C

    Full Range of Fertility Treatments with Individualized Plans - The NewLife Fertility Center, Canada team has been creating families since last 10 years. They serve quality treatment of fertility in Canada. They are the best clinic those serve a great solution to meet the growing demand in vitro fertilization and other fertility treatments. The NewLife has one of the highest pregnancy rates in the country.

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    Aimee S

    Dr. Soliman you are the best doctor i have ever seen. After wasting my one and a half year you gave me happiness.. Thank you so much !!

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    Mindmy j

    We had a great experience with Dr. Soliman. He cares and knows what he's doing.. Thank you doctor without your knowledge and expertise it might not be possible.

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    I personally felt that I needed to advocate for myself, there was lack of transparency as well as unfriendly and unprofessional staff. Ultimately, it is a business. This clinic is mainly run by incompetent nurses. There is only ONE doctor for six clinics. They charge you for procedures that are covered by OHIP. They gave me an incorrect AMH result which was ALOT higher than my actual egg reserve. I am very disappointed that we wasted our valuable time and money at a horrible clinic.

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    Theresa C

    cold uninterested...

    cold uninterested staff - you feel like just a number.. definitely not the kind of lace I would ever recommend someone going to knowing why one must book there to start with. went there for over a year... should have left a long time ago. staff/nurses lacks basic knowledge on typical daily routine visits but are required to meet with patients... maybe new training is needed or doctor direction is needed as not to leave a patient high and dry and uninformed.

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    Newlife in missis...

    Newlife in mississauga is ALWAYS running behind. They over book patients and make everyone wait. Ive only been to this location a few times and have never had a good experience.

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