212 Queen St S, Mississauga ON L5M 1L5
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    This business has new owners it's been about three months. I use to go to Donato salon and spa at square one for years and years.. Unfortunately I got a really bad experience about a month ago.. My haircut was all choppy instead of layers which is what I asked for.. He was extremely rude the last time I went to see him at Donato and decided not to complain and maybe it will grow out a bit in a month .. Well I waited and it didn't grow out!!! I have used aveda products for my hair for as long as I can remember and have loved it for my hair. I did notice salon Bardot aveda concept which was in my area and decided why not. It was super easy to get an appointment and they were polite .. First time in awhile I didn't feel like just another client ... I saw Asma who is wonderful. I explained how I needed to fix my previous haircut.. Now it looks amazing and exactly what I wanted.. I initially just wanted the haircut but I ended up also buying products on the way out which was convenient for me.

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