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John and Loretta Viola are the husband and wife duo who own and operate The Shop for All Reasons. The couple took over the established Streetsville store in 2002 and have since changed its cachet to reflect less of the typical gift store "knick-knackery" to one that prides itself on Canadian-made items that appeal to a wide range of customers.

As long-time residents of Streetsville, the couple felt that taking on shop ownership was the right thing to do. “Loretta started teaching here back in the early ’80s,” explains John. “I worked at CTS for 20 years as an engineer and manager, and we made our home here. Going back even further, Loretta’s family is related through marriage to the Graydons, a prominent Streetsville family of the late 19th century, so we’re pretty much rooted here.”

The Shop for All Reasons occupies a historical location on Queen Street, with the exterior plaque proclaiming 1884 as its year of construction. The 2,000-square-foot retail space is divided into appealing vignettes that include a self-contained gourmet food section in the rear, a recessed space devoted to wind chimes and baby clothes, and well-placed display cases highlighting jewellery, exclusive greeting cards designed by local artists, and a colourful selection of housewares and kitchen items.

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