Wasabi Japanese Buffet


Type de cuisine

  • Asiatique,
  • Indienne,
  • Japonaise,
  • Chinoise,


  • Sushi,
  • Chow mein,
  • Sashimi,
  • Soupe wonton,
  • Maki,


  • Décontractée,
  • Chic,

Langues parlées

  • Anglais,
98 Courtneypark Dr E, Mississauga ON L5T 2Y3
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  • 11 $ à 25 $,

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Sushi was good, everything else was bad

Their Hawaiian sushi was good but all of their hot dishes tasted like garbage. It just tasted like fast food with the excessive oil, lack of flavor, lack of spices, lack of complexity in flavor, lack of salt, poor taste in vegetable varieties, poor preservation of food and the miso soup left me feeling like garbage afterwards... If you go to this place, get their sushi and their deserts. Nothing else is worth eating.

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Never again

I found the sushi not bad for an all you can eat restaurant but the buffet wasn't very impessive. The staff was horsing around while we were trying to eat and enjoy our evening. Their all kids working there. I found them eager to get us out. They were vacuming while we were having dinner even with the owner or manager watching. It was like" thank you for your money" now get out! So much money was spent to build the place and very little on training!

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Oh Well

Well we arrived at 9pm on a Sunday and were promptly told the buffet was closing soon. Oh Well. Order some Sushi which arrived quickly and was good. Oh Well to the buffet. No I am not going to say what I really want to say. Just not good enough. $24 per person for the buffet which was tired. Dessert sure if you hurry!!! Then the cheque arrived before we were finished which we had to pay IMMEDIATELY ,So the cashier could close. OH WELL!!!! But why why must they start vacuuming next to our table before we are even finished. That's when I gave up. Never Again

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Strike 2 (and probably 3)

A few months ago my wife and I tried Wasabi. We had heard good things so we gave it a try and unfortunately were not as impressed as we'd hoped. We had gone during March break though and so were informed it was not normally so chaotic or busy. This past Saturday (Sept 18th, 2010) my wife and I along with a couple of our friends decide we wanted Mandarin for dinner. Mandarin was booked, and having no reservation, we could not get in. We brainstormed together and decide to try Wasabi again. We phoned the restaurant and were told it was busy with a wait of about 30 minutes. We tried to put our name in over the phone but were informed we must come in and "take a number". It turned out this was literally the case. It seems Wasabi's "system" is to give out scraps of paper with hand written numbers, and then call the numbers as tables become available. The wait turned out to be slightly over an hour, much longer than the 30-45 minutes that was estimated. We were shown to our table. There was food from the last diners all over one of the benches. There was some confusion then by the staff as to whether they'd seated us at the table they intended. As they tried to seat us at the table next door, the diners who were already seated there returned from the buffet. We were then seated at the original table, with the bench wiped off. That was the last we saw of the wait staff more or less. We managed to flag down a bus-boy and ask for some drinks and a waiter delivered some sushi to our table. It wasn't any sushi we had ordered as we had not been given a sushi menu or asked if we wanted any sushi. We made a few passes or the buffet before getting thoroughly fed up of the complete lack of service. We were also extremely unimpressed (as well as slightly amused) by the "pack" of children that seemed to be roving about the restaurant with no supervision playing varied games of tag, hide-and-seek, etc... We managed flag down a manager and express our immense dissatisfaction with our dinner experience. Our meal, such as it was, free. We did not have to pay. I can say with some certainty that we will not be returning to Wasabi.

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The food here is spectacular... the sushi arrives within 5 minutes after ordering and they have the softest, richest, most sensual varities out there. They also had lobster and crab legs which is something I usually can't afford if I were to go to red lobster They had a great variety of soups... available and I just loved the cooked and seasoned oyster. Overall it was a great eat.

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Good for a fast, filling lunch; food isn't bad at all

Perhaps I am not as much of an epicurean as most other reviewers here, but I don't find this place all that bad. The food is hot and tasty. I love the variety of stir-fried, deep-fried and steamed dishes. The sushi, however, is a bit annoying to get because they come out only in small quantities and other people always snatch them up quickly. The ice creams are good, as are the cute cakes in the bakery display. My only gripe is the service; when someone informed the waiter of a piece of hair found in her sushi (I don't know if it was actually her own hair or from somewhere else), the the waiter just said that he was sorry and didn't do anything about it. However, if you come here for the hot food, and not solely for the sushi or service, I don't think you'll complain much. Lunch is only around $15 per person anyway; and for that price, Wasabi doesn't disappoint.

Atmosphère: 4/5
Nourriture: 4/5
Service: 2/5
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