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    With the exceptio...

    With the exception of my buying experience, over the last 4 years I have received substandard customer service from both the service guys and the leasing manager. They will rope you in with their charming sales people and then under service and over charge you. They will do nothing to retain your clientele. If you are leasing and decide at the end of your term that you no longer want to drive a Nissan or purchase/lease another vehicle from their dealership they will make the experience incredibly uncomfortable and treat you as though they never want you to come back...even years later. They will charge you for everything they can as per the lease agreement and refuse to return your phone calls should you have questions. I have come to hate my Nissan and will never set foot into another Tony Graham (used to own Myers Nissan) or Myers dealership again. If you are looking for a new email, there are plenty of other options on the Ottawa area-I encourage you to exercise them.

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    never ever have y...

    never ever have your vehicle serviced at MYERS NISSAN in bells corners. my altima is just 2 years old and they told me both the rear brake pads and rotors had to be replaced. the cost would be $600. i brought it to another shop today and they told me only the brake pads had to be replaced, which cost only $160. last time they told me the transfer case seals of my rogue had to be replaced and would cost $900. but in fact, my drivetrain was still under warranty that shouldn't cost anything.

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