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  • Service: 1/5
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I really loved th...

I really loved the spray tanning machine at Tantropica. The salon was very clean and I was comfortable going there unlike my old salon. The lady was very helpful in setting up my account and in getting me started. i will definitely continue going there and I highly recommend Tantropica

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I have been to se...

I have been to several tanning salons in the area but none stand out quite like Tantropica. From the moment you walk in the friendly staff try to go our of their way to ensure you have have a wonderful experience. I was impressed by not only the tanning products, but my wife was thrilled to find Tantraopica carried a line of Canadian made high end skin and make up products. All in all I don't think there is any tanning salon that comes even close to Tantropica !!!

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monthly memberships end prematurely; time in beds not the amount you ask for; overpriced lotions; cant bring outside cheaper lotions; faulty switches on beds, beds wont shut off!

Service: 1/5
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