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  • Service: 5/5
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David M

Another Happy Patient! (customer supplied)

I am writing this testimonial about Dr. Michaels and his staff. First I want to be clear, I am terrified of Dentists! When I went to Dr. Michaels, I hadn’t been to a Dentist in 7 years. I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth pulled out. I was very nervous and even cancelled an appointment, his staff was extremely patient and friendly. Because I was so anxious we agreed to start my dental plan with an intense cleaning. Being that I hadn’t been to the dentist in so long, that prospect alone worried me. I decided to do the appointment on one of the days that the clinic offered sedation. Was that ever the right decision! Within 45 minutes of arriving I was in the chair having the cleaning. Here is the funny part, I actually ended up having a good time at the dentist. It wasn’t horrible at all. Dr. Michaels is so gentle and he is really funny too. It went by so fast. I didn’t experience any pain and I didn’t even notice any bleeding. It was a completely 10 out of 10 positive experience. I would recommend this dentist and his team, bar none and especially to folks who are nervous about going to the dentist or who have had a past bad experience. - Courtney from Toronto

Service: 5/5
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