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    Amy L

    nice place to do ...

    nice place to do your nails

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    This is the best ...

    This is the best place to get eyelash extensions. I won't go anywhere else.

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    Great Wax

    I got the best wax I've ever received here, for an amazing price. She used three different kinds of wax and took forever, making me think perhaps this place could not handle my course Italian hair. I was totally wrong: she used three different kinds of wax to get it perfect and now my legs -well everything from the neck down is soft and lovely. When I move my hand against the grain of my lower and upper legs it's like there is no hair. I love it.

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    Not Pleased....

    I went to HD Nails in North York to get eye lash extensions but the person applying them (Tony) not only knew literally NOTHING about the product but he barely spoke English! I asked for natural looking but full lashes; I wanted extensions in the first place because I didn't want to have to use mascara or fake eyelashes for photo shoots which I shoot often . He quoted "Schventy" as a price... and that is a direct quote so I assumed he meant Twenty, which I knew was way too cheap but my friend got a full set for $40 so I expected somewhere in that price range, boy was I wrong. I spent over an hr to walk out with lashes slightly longer then my own and paid $80 for it! When I got to the cash I was shocked when I saw the total, but because my eyes were taped shut for the past 60 min I couldn't really see the lashes that well and didn't want to make a fuss, so I paid. But once I got into the car and looked in the mirror in daylight I could see how sparse they were and realized that I would still need to not only put mascara on but actually fake lashes as well so what was the point in doing it to begin with?!? So I went back in moments later to let him know that this was not what I asked for and not only did he refuse to fix it, he offered ZERO compensation AND was rude about it like it was my fault that I couldn't understand his broken English!! All I could do was demand the tip back which he gave up reluctantly... it's safe to say I will never step foot in that salon again! I think if the communication was better it would not have been so bad, the work itself was not terrible but again it defeated the purpose for why I went so I paid $80 for nothing

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