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  • Pizza,
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  • Anglais,
4-380 Dundas St E, Oakville ON L6H 6Z9
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Pizza Hut is so hit or miss. This location is awful. The pizzas are overcooked and they are extremely stingy with their toppings. I don't know if it's limited to this location, but it seems that Pizza Hut no longer has their crispy, fried crust that was their trademark for so long. It's now just a regular crust that is often soft and soggy. Horrible experience on more than one occasion. Avoid at all costs.

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So disappointed. ...

So disappointed. Not only did they not make my order after placing it and returning after 30 mins( which they mentioned that it would be ready in 25 mins) I ended up having to wait another 30 mins. They really need more staff ! And less laughing and talking between employees and more working and making people's orders! I ended up waiting over an hour for my 2 large pizzas only to come home and notice they made the incorrect order on one of the pizzas. Both pizza's were undercooked! I'm so upset that the manager did not do anything and this location does not pick up their phone calls.

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Worst Pizza I have ever had!

Usually, I love Pizza Hut and they're pizzas. Back in the 90's as a kid, I loved my cheese pizza so much. Well, this experience does not count my love for Pizza Hut. Well, when I went to the "Express", I asked for the regular cheese pizza and what I got, was the pizza itself, but when I got home to eat it, I did not notice the fly in the pizza until I opened the box. I removed the fly and continued to eat, but noticed the cheese was moldy and tasted dull. I threw out the scraps and threw up for an hour. There's no way I'm going back to that Restaurant again. I'll eat at other Pizza Hut restaurants, but never that Pizza Hut I picked. Plus, the guy at the front desk was rude and ignorant for a few seconds.

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IT WAS A TERRIBLE PIZZA. I ordered the stuffed crust, and i recieved a pan pizza. I decided to try it, and also recieved a fly in my slice, in the sauce. It was an overall bad experience. I would definetly not reccomend it to anyone, even people who I dislike. The service was terrible, and had to wait for a long time to get served, and when i did, it was terrible. The pizza was also very greasy.

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To be fair, this unsatisfactory experience was...

To be fair, this unsatisfactory experience was unlikely to be the fault of this particular location, but moreso Pizza Hut the company. I usually love Pizza Hut's pizza and other menu items, but this Pizza Mia deal is quite unfortunate. So the deal is that you get three medium one-topping pizzas for $18 ($6 a piece), which I thought sounded pretty good. What was not advertised is that the pizza mia pizzas do not deserve the Pizza Hut name as they are a sort of budget pizza designed with the cheapest ingredients in the most scarcest quantities. What I received was three small cardboard circles with some icky sauce, specks of the requested toppings, and hardly any cheese. A visit to the Pizza Hut website post-order shows some savoury looking pizzas under the heading 'Pizza Mia', but with a disclaimer-"Product above may not appear exactly as shown", which oddly enough does not appear under any of their other menu items. Guess they've had some complaints. These pizza mia pizzas weren't even edible, I don't know if they could even be called pizza as they looked more like those little make-your-own pizza Lunchables kits for kids. Pizza Hut has made a huge marketing mistake comparable to the likes of Clear Pepsi and New Coke, and I really feel they owe an apology to their customers and never pull something like this again. The service during this visit was poor, we waited nearly an hour for our order, but this location is relatively new and appeared quite busy. More staff could have fixed this problem. The staff was friendly and seemed competent, just overwhelmed. I will visit again in hopes that things have slowed down a little, but will definitely not order the Pizza Mia deal ever.

Atmosphère: 3/5
Nourriture: 1/5
Service: 2/5
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