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    I am a senior citizen. I enjoy water fitness. They have cut the program as to make it difficult to have regular excercice. On tuesdays one class , aqua zumba. All day is given to children. Thursdays, nothing for aqua fitness or aqua zumba. Very sad.

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    Jean L

    1- BEWARE OF BAD POLICIES: I think you should be aware of their cancellation policy since, according to their written agreement, you must show up in person (no emails or fax) exactly seven days prior to your normal payment automatic withdrawal date to submit a form along with the membership card. 2- They are now telling me you can cancel before 7 days of the payment due date but you loose access to the services immediately even if you actually already paid for the month.

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    Richard G

    Community based, ...

    Community based, no hassles, great programs.

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