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    Christopher R

    I tried this new dealership. Heard stories from a few guys that were terrible. I have to say, they found a problem that I wasn't aware of when I took it in for winterizing. They worked on it over the winter, repaired it, and got it back to me when they said they were going to in the spring. I thought I was going to get gouged. The cost was well within reason and the outboard runs like a charm, and I have no regrets about using them.

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    I bought a 30 ft used trailer from them and didn't notice a hole in the floor until the day it was delivered. Called them and the change in their manner was unbelievable, you bought, it your problem. I wasn't looking for compensation but a solution. Got neither. If you want a little peace of mind when you buy a big ticket item like a boat or a trailer, this is not the place to shop.

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    Réponse du marchand 29 septembre 2014

    Boatland Canada is no longer at the location at the eight concession. Our new location is 4177 Hwy 115/35, 4 miles south of the old location. Boatland Canada does not sell RV trailers this complainant bought.There is a business with a similar name - Boatland RV- that is situated at the old location on the eighth concession and is no way affiliated or part of Boatland Canada. This complaint is aimed at the wrong business.


    stay away

    purchased a used boat advertised as in "excellent working condition" from them beginning of summer..has not worked since the day we drove it off there lot....will not help us or come service it after 1 failed attempt ..told us its our problem and we have to pay to fix it. boat is still dead at our dock and hen we call them to help they hang up on us and tell us to stop calling because they have other customers to deal with my advice is to stay away there "mechanic" is not a boat mechanic and has no idea what he is doing...we waited for him to come to fix it and he failed to show and when we went there to confront him he said oh I am busy working on the owners sons car! they are all very rude and arrogant and do NOT but customer service first just getting your money! the manager there BJ keeps saying "oh you got a good deal on the boat" omg is she kidding me! its only a good deal if the thing works!! who knows what is wrong with it or how much money it is going to cost us to fix when they should have had it in working serviced condition when we picked it up!

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