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One of the best things about running a bakery that caters to a range of diets is being able to put a smile on somebody's face when it’s time to celebrate. "We recently surprised a friend’s grandmother with a cake that’s suitable for customers with diabetes," says Joey Terranova, who owns Sugar Chalet along with Kelly Lethbridge. "She hadn’t had a cake at her birthday for 15 years. She was delighted that she could finally have a piece of cake at her own party."

Sugar Chalet offers a range of cakes and cupcakes for customers who don’t require special ingredients, as well as those who do. "We are the only nut-free facility in Durham Region and we make cakes for gluten-free diets as well as other kinds of intolerances," Joey explains.

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    Very yummy ready to go cupcakes. Amazing flavours to choose from including gummy worm, oreo, fruit loop and more. They also have all the classic flavours. They also sell a large assortment of baking items such as cookie cutters, muffin tin liners and more.

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