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322-50 Rideau St, Ottawa ON K1N 9J7
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Best foreign exchange rates in Ottawa. Offering clients a cheaper alternative for all money exchange, wires and draft needs. Call us now for rates!

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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
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    Calforex at 50 Rideau Street,Ottawa,On, is my only source for exchanging CAN funds to US dollars before leaving for the winter.....doing so at least 5 to 6 times a season. The employees there, that I have dealt with over the number of years, have always been exceptionally friendly and very professional. Thank you

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    I wouldn't go any...

    I wouldn't go anywhere else. Not only is the location fantastic I have had only good experiences with the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Their exchange rates are great, and they always have the currency that I require readily available. I'm very happy with the services of Calforex.

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    Have been going t...

    Have been going to this place for years, always thought rates were good. Just confirmed that I would have received more by going to any of my own banks (because of the Calforex service charge). Very disappointed :(

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    Réponse du marchand 8 janvier 2015

    May I first apologize for the delay in replying to your feedback. We strive to provide the best rate in the Ottawa region. In order to do so, we compare our rates to those of our competitors (Banks, other Currency exchange offices) on a daily basis. The reason we charge a fee is for us to be able to operate seven days a week and in extended hours. You might not see a difference in small amounts but in transactions over 200 CAD, you can certainly see it even with the fee included.


    Only place I go

    I do a lot of travelling between Canada and China and Canada and the USA and everything I need to exchange money I ALWAYS go here. The service has always been astounding and the rates are WAY better than my bank which is always the worst! Can't suggest this place more.

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    I’ve been to Calf...

    I’ve been to Calforex a few times to buy foreign currency for some trips and I’ve always received great service. The tellers are very friendly and do their best to give you what you need in terms of denominations and bills. They also have the best rates in town, so I will continue coming here whenever I need to purchase foreign currency. Keep it up guys!

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    The customer serv...

    The customer service is excellent,and they always have a large variety of currencies in many different denominations making it easier to travel with Cash. The two girls who served me Saturday were friendly and knowledgeable and made buy foreign currency extremely easy.

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    Amazing service, ...

    Amazing service, great rates and a friendly staff! I will definitely be using their services again! Highly recommended!

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    Great fast service

    They have fantastic rates, much much better than the bank. Also they carry a good selection of Foreign currencies including South African Rands. I was impressed by their efficient service. I wish they had other branches in Ottawa.

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    personal information

    I was not impressed with the reception I got at this business. I wanted to exchange some USD. A notice stuck on the wall said that personal data had to be supplied if more than 3000 CAD were involved. Not wanting to spread my personal information around, I asked how many USD would keep me within the 3000 CAD limit. Thereupon, I was told that I would have to provide my data no matter what. I said: "even if I exchanged 5 dollars?" The answer was a curt "yes". I did not like this attitude and went elsewhere.

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    Réponse du marchand 27 mars 2014

    May I first apologize in the delay in replying to your concerns. Customer Service is paramount at Calforex and we strive to be courteous and professional at all times. As the Branch Supervisor, may I offer apologies on behalf of my staff for not informing you of the policies and procedures in place at Calforex in regards to client identification. Calforex strictly adheres to federal legislation and the guidelines implemented by FINTRAC, Canada’s Financial Intelligence Unit. As signage posted indicates, Calforex is required by law to verify the identity of individuals conducting transactions at or above $3000. In compliance with this legislation, Calforex cannot make any suggestions for transaction amounts that would allow an individual to avoid the client identification threshold. Our staff is trained to abide by both federal legislation, and company policy but our adherence should not have a negative effect on our customer service experience.


    Easy Breezie Travel!

    I went to Calforex located in the Rideau Center in order to purchase American Dollars. I went to my bank and a few other places to see what the rates were, and to be honest Calforex offered the best rates, it was the only place that offered a reasonable price, allowed me to choose a variety of denominations, and even offered great advice for the condition of the bills since I was travelling abroad. I wouldn't have personally thought of it, but I'm glad the staff there did. Everyone was very kind, and were all very helpful, they were switching bills around and helping the person who was serving me to get the perfect bills, this doesn't always happen, but I'm really glad people like this still exist. I almost forgot! The rates with banks and other places were insane, it was anywhere between 20-70$ difference. A piece of advise anyone that travels as often as I do, go there! These people really know what they're talking about, they don't treat you like a number, they treat you like an actualy human being!!!! Thank you Calforex! Much Love :-)

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    Great service!

    Customer service was phenomenal! Employees were pleasant, professional, and kind mannered. Rates were very respectable and I was overall very satisfied with the service I received. I would definitely recommend this service to family and friends.

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    Very friendly and helpful.

    I went to Calforex to get get some Mexican Pesos and I was thrilled with the service I received. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, I highly recommend this place to everyone! I will be sure to visit them again next them I am travelling.

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    Great Company- Excellent Service

    I have used the services of Calforex at the Rideau Centre on numerous occasions- to convert Canadian funds to American dollars, British pounds and Euros and to then convert from these tenders back to Canadian dollars. Their service is always professional and courteous- their staff pleasant and knowledgeable. They have a very modern and eye catching "storefront". I have always been completely satisfied with their services and their staff. They have great hours as well- I am only sorry they are not closer to me in the West end of the city - but that being said as a company with excellent staff providing top-knotch service they are well worth the trip downtown.

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