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    So Very Disappointed with Luxe

    My new sofa and chair from Luxe is less than a year old and I am quite disappointed in the quality. The service I received is another story - that was horrible, too. The throw cushions, which were ridiculously expensive because we wanted fabric from a separate manufacturer than the sofa, do not hold their shape. They have not been stuffed properly so they constantly warp and cannot be simply fluffed back to normal. Also, they lose feathers constantly. The back of the chair has not been upholstered properly so it gapes in the middle. About six months in, we had Luxe come and take the furniture to fix these problems. They returned a week later and it was clear the cushions has simply been manipulated to a normal shape but nothing was actually changed inside. They morphed into these strange shapes again in a matter of days. They are simply not made properly. The chair was clearly not re-upholstered, likely just steamed to appear fixed. The gaping is back again. To make matters worse the chair was returned with a scratch in the wood on the back. I would never, ever, shop there again or recommend it. The service is absolutely awful and the quality of the workmanship unbelievably bad. I spent over $5,000 for my sofa and chair and less than a year later I am terribly disappointed. I also feel like there is just nothing I can do about it because Luxe has shown that they don't fix problems.

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