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1380 Baseline Rd, Ottawa ON K2C 0A9
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My electrical problems finally solved...!!

Just bought a used Audi A6 and 3 months after I purchased the car, my Check Engine light came on and my air conditioning wasn't working properly. I took it my own personal mechanic, they thought they fixed it but it came back on 3 days later. Frustrated, I took it to an Audi dealership while in Toronto on vacation and they wanted to charge me an arm and a leg to diagnose the problem and eventually fix the problem. I wasn't too keen but I agreed, bought a beautiful car, check engine light shouldn't be on bottom line. Two weeks later back in Ottawa my check engine light came back on !!!! Now I was very frustrated. In limbo my car needed an oil change so I took it to Midas on Baseline rd. The mechanic named Alex indicated to me once again the light was on. I said go a head and see if you can fix the problem thinking if Audi can't fix it who can. The Manager said if they can't find the problem they won't charge me for the diagnosis. It was zero risk for me and a win/win for both of us. Alex was able to find the problem and fixed it with my authorization. The light has never come back on again. Turns out the mechanic Alex is an Electrical Engineer who specializes in cars. AND my final bill to fix it was a fraction of what Audi charged me. Alex in my opinion is an electrical genius !! If anyone has eletrical problems take your car to Midas on Baseline Rd in Ottawa and ask for Alex. It will save you alot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and frustation.

Service: 5/5
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