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    A Long-Standing and Never Disappointed Fan

    Over more than twenty-five years, I've obtained a range of treasured pets (fish, birds and cats and, associated hardware and food products) from Pet Circus. In my experience the staff and Bob, the owner, have always been knowledgeable, courteous and highly ethical towards both the animals and the clients. Pet Circus is where you will want to head if you need a full range of pets and products in Ottawa -- if Bob doesn't have it in stock, he'll get it for you fast. Five Stars out of five for Pet Circus.

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    Natasha H

    Not a fan at all.

    I had a really bad experience with this pet store. I bought a guinea pig, which in no way seemed tame. When I called to ask about bringing it back in and getting a refund, the girl was rude, but did say I could bring it in. When I did bring it in, automatically all the workers had an attitude with me. The whole time they're holding the guinea pig and claiming it's tame, it was squirming in their hands. This guinea pig would run frantically when anyone tried to pick it up (including the people at the pet circus). I've had 5 guinea pigs so I know what normal for a guinea pig and this guinea wasn't tame. I didn't get my money back and they were very immature about this whole situation. I will never be back there again.

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