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    I have ordered fr...

    I have ordered from here quite a few times, the last two times it gave me and my family diarrhea within the hour, once could have been a fluke. Twice makes it pretty clear that there is something wrong with this place.

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    Stefanie Z

    I ordered from Pi...

    I ordered from Pizza Pizza on Friday February 27th. New to the city and hungry from a long day of driving all the way from Nova Scoita I was absolutely starving! I ordered two medium pizzas and three cans of pop. New to the apartment I did not have a buzzer so when I called to place an order for delivery I told the agent if the delivery person could please call my phone when he gets here and I would happily come down to the lobby. I gave the agent my number and all was well and good. About 40 minutes later I get a call from a pizza pizza representative saying that that delivery man was downstairs. I go downstairs and a middle aged delivery man comes up to me and curses and yells at me. He was upset that I had a phone number from Nova Scotia and that giving PizzaPizza this number was not "PizzaPizza etiquette". I tried to explain to the man how sorry I was and have only been in Ottawa for a few hours, and had not had time to change my number yet. And also that the representative on the phone said that it would be fine the delivery man got even more irate bashing me and my apartment. The man was very intimidating and huge bully. Never in my life have I ever been treated this way. After the delivery man left i was in tears, my boyfriend then called the location and tried to complain about this incident and the person on the phone laughed and hung up. Worst costumer service I have ever received in my life.

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