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    Never buy cake on 30% discount

    I recently bought a strawberry cake at your store that was discounted 30% and was told that is was only one day old. One day later two people from my family became very sick after eating some of that cake, with typical food poison symptoms. Unfortunately one of the person is 80 years old, so it was very worrisome watching her being that sick. We know that it was from eating the cake. I called Swiss Pastries Head Office and told them the story and that I still had the rest of the cake and the receipt. What I’ve learned that the cakes are sold intended for immediate consumption and anything more one day old is basically not fresh. This is not what they inform you in the store when you’re buying. They always said that the cake is only one day old and is still fit to consume but this particular cake was most definitely not just one day old. Nothing was offered to me in compensation for getting sick, not even another cake or money back. I was their customer for years. There was never a celebration in my Family when the cake on our table was not from Swiss Pastry. It is so much for being good customer. I cannot believe that after being such a customer for so long that the woman at Swiss Pastries Head Office would tell me that nothing could be done.

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