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    Karen C

    Dandy Doggy is a great place to get your pet groomed or for cat and dog food, the employees are very helpful and are great with the dogs and cats. I have been taking my dogs there for years and its the best place i have ever been to, everyone is so friendly and helpful, they treat the dogs like family, i would never consider going to another grooming shop, Dandy Doggy is the best

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    Paula M

    Amazing people, amazing service!

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    An Amazing Little PetShop !

    I had my 3 dogs groomed since they were puppies by Hanna and her staff. They have always offered honest and very helpful advice to me about my pets' care, nutrition and grooming. If I don't keep my dog brushed then the cut is shorter because the mats are painful to remove. The groomers at Dandy Doggy care about my dogs and encouraged a short cut rather than hurting my dog to keep it long. I trust Hanna and her staff and will definitely recommend Dandy Doggy for grooming and pet nutrition advice.

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    Dog grooming

    I have mini schnauzer and we were here twice already, the first time we were there the grooming was not bad but no good either but the second time was a disaster and i have never seen a worse job in my life my dog looks like a 100 year old rat, my poor dog is almost bald. IAM NEVER COMING TO THIS PET GROOMER AGAIN !!!!!

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