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400 Exmouth St, Sarnia ON N7T 5N6
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Coffee Lodge est un restaurant accueillant. Venez profiter du beau temps sur sa terrasse et pouvez vous y rendre facilement par vélo et transport en commun. Venez explorer ce quartier dynamique et pouvez payer par Interac, MasterCard et Visa.

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Quelle note donneriez-vous à cette entreprise?
  • Atmosphère: 4.5/5
  • Nourriture: 4.5/5
  • Service: 5/5
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Jennifer L

Today I decided t...

Today I decided to meet reputation head on and we went here for Father's day breakfast. I'd been told a friend of mine got food poisoning here and a few others have had very bad customer service. But we'd been looking for somewhere to eat that wasn't packed and landed on a Cup of Coffee at 10 AM or so.. We ordered our food and waited a bit. When they brought the food out, they only bright mine and my husband's but did not bring out my 2 year old's meal till about 5 mins or so later. As I started fixing up my daughters plate, my husband started to salt and pepper his but was having trouble getting the salt out. My husband unscrewed the top and noticed the salt was damp, nearly all in one lump. I began to try and grab other ones off nearby tables and every one I found was also filled with wet salt, a few I even tried turning over over my plate and not even a grain would come out. By this time my husband was completey grossed out at the thought of what kind of water the dishes had began washed with and left wet that the salt was in. He sent his food back and told them why, saying he didn't want anything else. The managers excuse was the wet salt was fine cuz they put rice in it. It wasn't "fine" as it was one solid lump in the shaker and not letting sterilized dishes fully air dry is against the health code I believe. After me and my daughter finished our meals, we then went up to pay the bill, upon payment of the bill my husband asked if it was fair that he was charged for the breakfast that he could not eat. The manager again made the rice in salt shaker excuse and confirmed that he was required to pay for the breakfast. This was our 4th or 5th visit to the restaurant. We felt that (until today) the restaurant offered good quality food at a reasonable price. Our views of this particular restaurant changed drastically today. How they managed the situation was extremely poor and shameful. We won't be back again!

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The best coffee a...

The best coffee and food selections, great atmosphere and friendly staff

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"The Feel-Good Spot"

I had the pleasure this morning of spending about an hour at the Exmouth/Capel location....for my new favourite hot beverage: the Chai latte. The service provided was OUTSTANDING....the male server went over and above the call of duty (I over heard him providing this service to others as well). This experience started my day with a burst of positivity...I always refer to the Lodge as a "Feel-Good" spot...they've got the whole experience bang on !

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Great Coffee

I really enjoy a good quality cup of coffee. I also love having a place where you can meet up for a business meeting or a cozy corner chat with a girlfriend. Coffee Lodge is that place. Love their mocha's.

Atmosphère: 5/5
Nourriture: 5/5
Service: 5/5
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I eat there alot seeing as its just around the corner from my work. The food is always excellent!! I do find some of the staff snotty and i sometimes wonder if thats part of your resume to become employed there. The only complaint i have is the change in the chicken salad...its terrible now compared the original recipe. Over all a great place for a quick fresh lunch!!

Atmosphère: 4/5
Nourriture: 4/5
Service: 5/5
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