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1780 Midland Ave, Scarborough ON M1P 3C2

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    Super smart guy, fixed a problem 2 other shops could not figure out.

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    a wealth of knowledge about the electrical workings of a vehicle. staff is well trained in their technical jobs, and pleasure to ask questions. i learned a lot by talking with them, and highly recommend this place for any one needing work on their vehicle. No mechanical work though... they don't do it themselves but they can recommend places that do. Overall, 100% satisfied.

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    Not Satisfied but disappointed. Mad and furious.

    55w with 6000k with high/ low beam. He has some in stock and cost $150 HIDs and installation. I asked him to rewire the system so that headlights will not flash while alarm system is used.I asked that my headlights for daytime driving lights are always on and rewire to make the corner lights always on. Rewiring cost another extra $20 Jake told me that he doesn’t have the HID he has a set of more expensive one. I asked him if it has all the things I wanted he said yes. They finally cracked open the headlights and installing the HID, at this time while they installing the HID I checked the packaging It says 35w 8000k and no high beam so at this point I can’t do anything. So then I asked them if they’re going to rewire my headlights they said yes. When it was finished I checked that driving corner lights weren’t on and when to unlock/ lock doors on my alarm system has no visual lights that go off, He said its ok they can’t rewire and just pull a fuse out for $20 they pulled a fuse out it didn’t even took them 5 minutes to do all that for $20. couldn’t even use my remote so I called and he said come back tomorrow. Next day Waited almost 2 hours again for my car in. I asked him again if they rewire it properly he said no. All they did was put back the other fuse they accidentally took out, literally did not took 5 minutes to do. For me to wait almost 2 hours for less than 5 minutes of work, unacceptable. . For this work done to my van ZERO out of 5 stars. Always take CAUTION.

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