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    Stephen A

    Good selection of stuff and reasonable prices. Very helpful staff too! Friendly atmosphere

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    Sean C

    A hidden jem in S...

    A hidden jem in Scarborough. There are not a lot of used bookstores left in the area but I can see why people enjoy this one. The store is very well organized and the staff know the inventory (there are no computers). They have all the newly published novels right at the front of the store and a wide selection of older ones through the rest. The staff were warm, friendly, and a lot of fun. They gave me $15 for a bag of paperbacks (no hardcovers, hence the name, I guess) Recommend!

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    A Waste of Time

    I was told on the phone the kind of books that they accept for exchange true crime, anything published in the last 6 years that sort of thing. However when I actually arrived at the store with my books the guy working there was rude, unwilling to even look at the books that I brought. He claimed that he normally only accepts books previously bought at the store itself. Anything I had would "just end up in the recycle bin". You are wasting your time if your goal is to get rid of any books you happen to have for any potential exchange. I also would like to mention that the website is incredibly misleading in terms of what kind of books they will accept. I expect that the store will continue to lose business for these reasons. As for the overall experience I would have looked around and probably bought some books even if he accepted only a few while I was there. However because of what had happened I decided not to and left immediately. Highly unrecommended.

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