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Type de restaurant

  • Restaurant gastronomique,
  • Bistro,
  • Lounge,
  • Bar,
  • Restaurant déjeuner,

Type de cuisine

  • Cuisine américaine,
  • Italienne,
  • Cuisine canadienne,
  • Méditerranéenne,


  • Fruits de mer,
  • Déjeuners,
  • Hamburger,


  • Grande carte des vins,
  • Permis d'alcool,
  • Restaurant avec stationnement,
  • Restaurant avec bar,
  • Menu du midi,
  • 5 à 7,


  • Chic,
  • Intime,
  • Décontractée,
  • Affaires,
  • Familiale,
  • Branchée,
    • Romantique,
  • plus...
  • moins...

Langues parlées

  • Anglais,
2247 Rymal Rd E, Stoney Creek ON L8J 2V8
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  • 11 $ à 25 $,

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    i love this place. always a pleasant experience!

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    Been coming here for a while, always good food. However recent changes to kitchen staff has created quite an improvement from what was good to what is now great!! Definitely try this place out!! So many dishes and daily specials to choose from, and always a killer breakfast.

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    Will not be returning! When I asked for a menu was told she's not my waitress and I would have to wait. When asked for milk for my tea was told to wait waited 10 minutes until it was cold. Found The lady that was bringing out the Food to be very rude middle-aged woman with blond hair no people skills ... Never again

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    ordered breakfast 3 eggs and peameal. eggs were very small peameal undercooked orange juice very good as it was freshly squeezed also ordered chicken wings to take out were very dry server was very pleasant wont be going back.

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    will not be returning.

    This was my third time returning to symposium cafe, and although the first 2 times I experienced bad service the food has been the main reason for my return. I called the cafe on Jan 1st to see if they were open, a lady answered and I asked if they still did there all day breakfast. She laughed and said they haven't done that in forever, breakfast ended at 2. A little stunned by the way she rudely answered I said okay and explained I would be in for a late lunch. When my boyfriend and I arrived a middle aged woman with dirty blond shoulder length hair (who I am pretty sure answered the phone) seated us. When we asked for a different table that wasn't so sunny she with attitude said "well all the other tables are dirty i have to clean them". My boyfriend laughed and pointed to a table that was clean and she put her hands up in the air and said fine. Not only have I had this rude lady before as a server (there's a reason she probably inst serving anymore i am sure) if she does still serve i feel bad for who ever has to deal with her. I decided to ask her if there was a problem. She rolled her eyes and said no. When we were seated she gave us an ALL DAY breakfast menu. I laughed because i'm pretty sure when I called they said that finished at 2pm. When i asked her about it she looked at it and said "i guess so". We should have just left but I was so hungry I decided to stay. The waitress we got was super nice and tentative, even though 2 different waitresses came to take our order (all over the place). My cafe latte was delicious but my boyfriends coffee had grinds in it and it tasted burnt. My eggs and Benjamin tasted okay, though i had to break off grey areas of the fish (ew) i couldn't even finish it . All in all I will not be returning, the rude lady and the mediocre food i endured this time will not make me want to come back. I am not one to even complain but for the 3rd time to have this happen is just ridiculous. I will not be going back to eat at the Rymal Road Symposium.

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    Ok Food, Ok service

    We generally come here because my wife is in love with this place however the food has always been very mediocre. While the taste and portions are generally ok, my biggest complaint is that EVERY time I have ordered something it has come lukewarm. There is nothing worse than taking a bite of your barely warm steak. I left a comment card with my contact details however no one ever bothered to contact me. The only reason I'll be back is if I can't convince my wife to go anywhere else.

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    Nice Family Place

    There are such few choices for a nice "family" restaurant for breakfast. This place is clean, the food is generous, and the service is wonderful! It is a pretty big menu with many options for even the pickiest eater in the family! It is also nice that it is a fair sized place so you are not waiting long for a table when there is a wait on Sunday morning. The broccoli cheddar soup is sooooooo good!

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    Very Bad Expeience and Service

    I decided to hold my Birthday party here with 8 other friends and the customer service practiced here was absolutely terrible. I have never been treated this bad at any restaurant before. Two guests in my party were not satisfied with their meal due to it being uncooked or incorrect as well as myself whom had a very small request that they could not satisfy. After being told "NO" to simple requests, recieving the wrong food, and our waitress being completely confused numerous times, our bills mixed up and overall bad customer service, I spoke to the owner who made my birthday experience even worse than the meal! I explained my dissatisfaction and let him know that I would probably not return, He had the nerve to tell me "Well if you are not going to come back, then why should I give you or anyone a discount at all?" The waitress was very in-experienced and the owner could not even rationally fix my dissatisfaction, which made this a very bad experience. This was not what I had expected at all, since the decor and menu looked so amazing. Overall was a very bad choice, I will try a different location and not reccomend rymal road location to anyone.

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    Good Service

    Went for breakfast with a couple of friends. I really liked the atmosphere, the place is nicely decorated and we were very warmly received by staff. We were seated by a window with an unfortunate view of a parking lot, but the windows do not allow passersby to look in and that is a big plus as you do not feel like you are sitting in a fishbowl. Comfortable seats, very clean as well. Breakfast itself was just ok. A place that exudes class like this one does should not, in my opinion, serve deep fried home fries and Wonder Bread with breakfast but rather prepare seasoned spuds on the grill along with a nicer quality toast. The oj was freshly squeezed and absolutely delicious. I will definately return to order one or more of the decadent-looking pieces of cheesecakes that I spied on my way out (yum!) and also look forward to sampling the lunch and dinner menus.

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    A Hidden Gem

    Had the Halibut fish special and my wife had the symposium cheeseburger. A very nice atmosphere but don't worry about dressing up since this is Hamilton and this place is really comfortable for a nice quiet meal. ( unless there is kids in the place)

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    Not Good First Impression

    This was our first time at Symposium. We were planning on having breakfast for dinner but we changed our minds and tried the dinner menu. I had Ribs and Chicken w/ roasted potato, she had a Banquet Burger/fries and son had a BBQ chicken pizza. When the food arrived at the table, her fries were just barely warm. Back they went. Her bun was stale to the touch and dried out tasting. Otherwise the burger was good but nothing really special. My sons pizza was freshly made and quite good. Now to my bite of the chicken and I spit it out. It was bad. I got a second opinion and it sure was. Back it went. The ribs were side ribs, not my fav, and were kind of dried out and skimpy. The veggies and potatoes were bland, although cooked nicely. The manager came with my replacement chicken appologizing for the problem. It could have been me but the new chicken tasted bad as well. One thing was for sure, it was overcooked and dried out. Maybe from microwaving to rush it out. I ate a few bites and lost interest. Anyway, they gave us a $10 gift card and charged us for the complete meal, asking us to try them for breakfast. We might. We generally give restaurants a second chance. The waitress never once refilled our drinks or even asked, thus the low score on service.

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    Good Food, Great Service!

    Really great stop for a casual dinner with friends or family! And what a terrific menu! The fruit juices were yummy. The crab cake burger was delicious. Service was very friendly and prompt. We didn't have room for dessert however the brownie in the glass case was huge! I would return for that alone.

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