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  • Service: 1/5
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My wife and I have been going to this place for about 6 years now and all I can say is that they have really nice people working there and he owner Sara is such a pleasure to talk to. The staff is extremely professional and they do a really nice job in men's and women's cuts. We would highly recommend this place

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I soo wish I took pictures of myself as I left the salon but on Thursday of last week it was the last thing on my mind. First was where do I get this fixed. You know when u get your hair done how the stylest talks to you to keep you occupied, the other staff talk with you on their way by...well not here. I felt like I was in Elementary school again, if someone spoke it was one of the stylists to each other in a low whisper making sure to give you that glance that makes you believe they are insulting you. The stylist I had had no clue what a bob was because when I went to First choice hair cutters to get it fixed their jaws hit the floor and btw I am going to write a review for them because the job this lady did on my head to fix it First Choice did not even charge me. When I indicated that there were strands that were not even she got huffy then when I dared not give her a tip ohhhh GOD! BTW she threated to call the police if I refused to pay and was not willing to fix it! I think they had their joke for the year soo maybe the rest of you are safe!!!

Service: 1/5
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