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8123 Yonge St, Thornhill ON L3T 2C6
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After 4 years of ...

After 4 years of weekly visits to this location I have had enough of the rude waitress! Unprofessional attitude, rude comments about previous customers, and so mean to coworkers it makes eating sometimes uncomfortable. My Wimpy's cravings will forever be satisfied at another location!

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Not so good.

Even though it was done up to look like a "real" dinner, it is nothing but another fast food joint that serves the same as all the others with very little change on the menu. The burger I had tasted like a lump of fat. My partner's as well. And the fries? I have nothing to say about them other than they were worse than bad.

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Best Food and Service in the GTA

Just can't say enough about this place!Now under new ownership with Dino,running the place.Paul is an exceptional cook,and Tina,Joanne,Martha,Emmy and Leanne offer fantastic service and are very outgoing and pleasant.Although the restaurant is small the food makes up for it.Well worth the wait if necessary.

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I have usually been very satisfied and pleased with Wimpys in Thornhill by Royal Orchard Blvd. BUT...I went there on 1-08-10 and was surprised at what I received. I ordered an American omlette. I asked for it to be a bit soft or loose as they can sometimes overcook the egg. I also asked for a side of peameal bacon. My husband ordered a 5 star breakfast with a side of peameal and toast as well as our coffee's. His 3 egg overeasy came back with the tiniest of eggs! Very small portions for the money! OUR peameal bacon was also TINY. I was surprised as usually it is a decent size. It was also overcooked and hard. I ordered an American omlette and it came back OVERcooked and hard. It didnt even look like an omlette but scrambled eggs with ham bits and onion thrown in. I was surprised but ate my meal anyway. The toast, usually nice and fluffy big was small and they BARELY put any margarine on it so it was dry. The coffee was weak. The cook was a youngish (40ish) rather rotund fellow..kinda resembles Burl Ives with no beard... His cooking sucks. There were two waitresses on duty. Ours was fine but not really in a happy mood, and didnt refill our coffee until we begged. She had a cough and at least coughed into her sleeve. The other waitress also had a cough but covered hers with her hand. I proceeded to see her grab orders with her now dirty hand and hand it to customers. I was SO glad she wasnt my waitress. Usually Wimpys is pretty good, but this visit was BAD. It is terrible to come away from spending hard earned money on a meal only to have it come back pretty chintzy and not what you ordered. Would I come back, probably...to give them another chance, and only if the young mediterranean fellows were cooking as they are great. But I would not be timid or shy and tell them if they messed up my order or that they should wash their hands if they are sick or better yet...STAY HOME. Thats how germs get to all of us. How about a pleasant hello rather than a "Get any seat that ya want! without looking up. In this day and age of watching ones pennies, they should NOT forget that if we didnt walk through the door...they wouldnt be in business.

Atmosphère: 3/5
Nourriture: 2/5
Service: 2/5
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I loved Wimpy's Diner till the day before...

I loved Wimpy's Diner till the day before yesterday. My huz and I went there for brunch after church. We always loved their burgurs and stuff. However, one waitress's attitude screwed up all our good memory. While waiting for a table, I saw this woman dropping a knife and just picked it up and served it to her customer. Unfortunately, she was our server as well. I was so unhappy but did not complain. The coffee cup was dirty so I asked for a new one. She grapped the coffee cup and took it away without saying a word. Where is apology? Of course she brought new coffee without a word as well! We did not get what we ordered for some reason and she was complaining that the kicken did not listen to her, instead of apologizing to customer first. What a great service attitude. I would not go back to this place not to eat germs.

Atmosphère: 3/5
Nourriture: 4/5
Service: 1/5
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Great filling meal for a cheap cheap price. My...

Great filling meal for a cheap cheap price. My friend and I spent just less tahn 20 dollars for the two of us! Its almost unheard of! Good service. Always a friendly atmosphere.

Atmosphère: 1/5
Nourriture: 4/5
Service: 1/5
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