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    Chelsea L

    My boyfriend & I ...

    My boyfriend & I booked the party bus last night (November 2014) and would like to share our experience. First off the receptionist seemed to have no information or idea about the company, prices or how things work. She is clueless. Second we were charged $472 to our credit card when we were told the price $379 plus tax (which is 13%) and should total around $430. We called to ask why additional money was taken only to be told of a fuel surcharge which was never mentioned once by the receptionist or on the website. Talk about hidden charges! Third the limo bus was nothing like a limo, everything inside was broken, the tv didn't work, there was no fibre optic lighting, no glassware, speaker wire was hanging from the ceiling, blinds were all broken, the only way to control the temperature was to open the emergency hatch and all they offer is the radio to play unless we bring our own cord to connect our phone. Plus the bus was dirty and looked like it never gets cleaned. I'm not impressed & they are charging way too much for this so called prestige service that is far from prestigious. We are very disappointing in the entire experience with this company and will not be booking again or recommending it to anyone. It is a complete waste of your money.

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