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Marco Imbrogno admits his path in life has been a little unconventional, but the owner of men’s clothing store Camicie says everything he’s done had a specific purpose in mind. Despite not having any formal training in fashion design, the former chef-by-trade held one powerful trump card when he found the future home of Camicie: a clear vision of what his shop would look like. “I knew what I wanted to accomplish and how I was going to change the interior,” he says passionately.

It took time, but Marco kept chipping away at the project until he was finally satisfied with what was in front of him. And when his toughest critics – his landlord and his brothers – were impressed with his efforts, Marco knew he’d accomplished something special. “They were just in awe,” he says.

Once the renovations were finished, it was time for him to turn his attention to the next phase of Camicie: stocking the kind of men’s clothes and accessories that turn average dudes into Dapper Dans. “I started putting some things together myself, shirt-wise,” he explains. “And then people started to like my way of thinking. And my way of thinking is being unique and different.”

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