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    their price in th...

    their price in the store is much different with the site. the site price is just for attracting customer. after you get there to get the items they tell you that they should update the website. all the items are refurbish, used and easily broke after 2-3 months. their behavior with customer is so bad and rude. accept cash but with tax!!!! i don't recommend it!

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    thier products ar...

    thier products are really cheaper than market and products are good too.

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    Good value for the price

    I bought yesterday a Sony Xperia T30 phone from here. And would like to report that it was fine. It was apparently unused but open box/display phone from Bell. I found the price good, the service satisfactory and the 90 day warranty great. I knew what I was getting into, I had done my research. I knew of battery issues with the phone and my expectation was not high. However it turned out to be decent. I uninstalled/disabled all the bloatware (Bell + Sony) and its a more responsive phone. I think their poor reviews are because of unfair expectations of people. If you are coming here, its because you want a good deal and reasonable quality. If you like premium quality head to Costco/Futureshop. These guys are there to make money so its in their interests too to have customers come back. I met the 3 staff that work there and all seemed decent. They showed me couple of handsets. Cut my sim to smaller size (for free) and let me use the handset to be sure it worked to my satisfaction. I waited there for 20 mins to have it charge a bit and they were very cooperative and I didn't feel rushed to buy it.

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