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    Still Great Food After 30 years I've Been Going There. Thank You And Keep Doing What Your Doing Making GREAT FOOD!!!!!

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    Been a few times now, after reading so many great reviews.

    Was there recently this spring a couple times. Based on the stellar reviews I was hoping to be blown away by this fried chicken. I was not. It is good, better than most even. But I question the ratings. Tastes like what southern fried chicken should taste like - albeit a touch on the greasy side. They are busy busy back in the kitchen frying up the chicken all the time, and I suspect the fryer gets too crowded being the cause of the extra grease. The chicken is very fresh and well prepared - tender and juicy and the pieces suggest that they were from a real chicken, not a genetically modified "chicken" but if you're used to KFC they will look small. Only complaint on the chicken is the way it is portioned - instead of 2 breast pieces for each bird they section it into 3 so sometimes you'll get a piece with a big piece of cartilage down the middle of your piece. wing and drumette will count as individual pieces sometimes, so beware that you may feel slighted with your share of the bucket. Gravy looks like alien goo - starch thickened gravy seasoned with the seasoning used to dress the chicken. Odd looking and texture is overly thick, but tasty - especially on the fries, chicken is well seasoned and doesn't need extra. Food is more than decent and the price is not excessive. The odd kitchy decor adds a touch of entertainment while waiting for your order. After you eat here the big chains will be a disappointment every time.

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